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Your Love and Relationship Tarot Reading: Confused

by Forgotten

High Priestess

High Priestess

I feel confused and I hope that a love and relationship tarot reading can be of help.

I fell madly in love for a guy several years younger than I. He fooled me into believing he was a faithful, mature, loving man who had fallen in love with me.

Even thought he was still a married man he was separated and had asked me to marry him as he was filing for divorce. We dated for 3 years and in that time he turned my world upside down!

He spoke so horribly about his wife but she as well as his family told me who he really was. Unfortunately I was too blind to see and I thought she said these things out of jealousy. He cheated constantly and compulsively lied. He made me believe he was my prince.

I was faithful and devoted to him and for the first time in my life I learned to love someone (aside from my kids ) unconditionally. I lost so much of myself in material things in the process.

I am to this day deeply in love with him. I was good to this man and what I got in return was a broken spirit and disrespect. I was used, lied to and cheated on. He deceived me.

What I can't understand is how I can be so quickly forgotten and so easily replaced.
Did he ever mean any of the wonderful things he said to me? He never explained to me what he was feeling at the end of our relationship. Was it because he told me so many lies?

Who is he truly as a person and are there or were there any genuine feelings for me? What is he feeling now for me? Where do we go from here?

Thank you for your help.

Your Free Love Tarot Reading

This is an excellent tarot cards spread to help you better understand yourself, your partner and the future of your relationship.

I found it in The Tarot Bible, an excellent book that offers many insightful card layouts for love and relationship tarot reading.

In the reading below, "You" represents your lover and "I" stands for yourself.

I hope you find this tarot spread useful.

First Card: How I Love You
The High Priestess
I idealized our love without listening to my inner intuition.

Second Card: How I Hurt You
The Emperor
I ignored the rules of society and our relationship was unbalanced.

Third Card: How I Defend Myself
Nine of Wands
I assumed a defensive attitude and made myself a fortress.

Forth Card: How You Love Me
Three of Cups
You want to celebrate a new beginning and share good times with me.

Fifth Card: How You Hurt Me
Ten of Wands
You hide yourself behind your responsibilities.

Sixth Card: How You Defend Yourself
Seven of Wands
You keep your distance from me and push me away.

Seventh Card: Who Am I Now?
The Judgement
I review my past choices. I am living a moment of transition and growth and rebirth.

Eight Card: Who Are You Now?
Eight of Cups
You are leaving a disappointing situation and moving on to something new.

Ninth Card: Where Are we Going?
Six of Wands
We are able to recognize our problems and differences. We reach a wise decision.

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