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Will I Get Promoted?

by Dawn

Will I get promoted to senior program manager?

Your Free Angel Reading

Good questions get good answers and often quires that require a simple yes or no answer won't give you a meaningful insight to your situation and feelings.

So, for your question I decided to use this spread that will offer a better understanding of your situation at the moment and help you gain awareness about what should be your next step.

I used for this reading Angel Blessings, one of my favorite angel tarot cards decks.

Accept the angles' guidance with an open heart and let them inspire you in your life and at work.

Your Angel Cards

Natures Guardian Angel

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Card 1: Current Reality - How can this angel help you? Consider what is bringing you happiness and comfort.

Ariel - Nature

Ariel is the angel of nature. Getting attuned with nature will bring you a feeling of wholeness and well-being that will enable you to face any challenge ahead. Earth is our source of life and we need to look after her to survive. Enjoy swimming in the ocean or walking in the woods to heal and renew yourself. Ariel will guide you in discovering your true nature.

Card 2: Your Next Step - What should you do? Allow this angel to bring you a gift.

Isfrael - Music

Music is vibration and energy, a powerful tool. It has the power to unleash our emotions and build energy. Accept the gift of music for a deep transformation and higher awareness.

Card 3: Letting Go - Is it time to let go of old feelings? Are recurring pattens governing your life?

Chamiene - Harmony

Acceptance will bring harmony. Chamiene can guide you in your struggle to balance opposites and attain peace. Learning to let go of destructive tensions is the first step to inner harmony.

Card 4: The Gift - Find out about your special gift.

Uzziel - Faith

Uzziel will help you find the faith that guides your actions towards the desired outcome. Learn to channel your confidence to a positive outcome. Faith is so powerful that if misplaced can be destructive. Have faith in yourself and your abilities.

Card 5: Your Guardian Angel's Kiss - Inspiration from your angel

Hamied - Miracles

Hamied is looking for an opportunity to create a miracle in your life. Be careful of what you wish, it may become reality!

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