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Universal Waite and Brian Williams' Renaissance

by Maria
(Pacific Northwest, USA)

I "bonded" with the Universal Waite and Brian Williams' Renaissance Tarot. There's no other "why" than I saw images of them online and knew those were the ones for me.

At the moment, my favorite deck to read with is the Universal Waite.

As I learn more about the Tarot's sexual associations, I anticipate reading love/sex/relationship with the Williams' Renaissance deck.

I love the look of the vintage decks because they challenge and enrich my understanding of the past. I tend to think of the past as "touched up" black and white, courtesy of black and white photographs, cinema, newspapers and woodblock images which may or may not have been touched up with colored inks.

Vintage print materials which were originally designed in color--such as calendars, greeting cards and playing cards-- change my "black and white" perception and bring vitality and vibrancy to the present.

The symbolism in the images on the vintage decks is so much richer and more interesting than those macabre black and white woodblock engravings in paperback editions of Shakespearean plays!

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Jul 27, 2014
How True
by: Anonymous

I agree with you, I love vintage decks too!

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