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Three Cards Tarot Reading for Fiona

I have a strong feeling something bad will happen in my workplace involving one of my clients who has a disability.

This involves a challenge, perhaps a legal battle, resulting in damage to my reputation as a Carer and future nurse.

I would like to know what it is if possible so I can prepare for it or see if it is at all preventable, as I do care for my clients very much so.


1 Card: The Situation
Seven of Pentacles
You have been working hard achieving slow but steady growth. Now you have reached a plateau and it is time to reassess the situation.

2 Card: Advice
Seven of Swords
You feel cheated and someone may be trying to damage your reputation. You'll need to be crafty and diplomatic. Expert advice may be of help.

3 Card: Result
Six of Pentacles
You'll be judged fairly. Help and maybe a gift are on the way.

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