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Three Cards Tarot for Katie

For the last 10-11 years I have been thru several failed relationships.

One I was proposed to but afterwards he broke up with me to return to another woman. The last man I was with seemed like it was meant to be but we live in different states and he is much younger than me.

We drifted apart and I understand he may be seeing someone else now and I am heartbroken.

I would do just about anything to be able to reconcile with my last love as I felt our connection was so intense.

I am just looking for another chance to be with the one man that I cannot get out of my head or heart.

Tell me what I need to know about his feelings about possibly reconciling with me and when I could expect to hear from him again.


Four of Pentacles
Material interest may be blocking your emotional life.

Five of Swords
Sometimes you need to accept what you can't change. You can learn from your mistakes.

Eight of Cups
You are ready to leave behind a disappointing situation and move on to something new.

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