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Three Card Tarot for Heartbroken

After years of being in abusive relationships I met someone online thru a mutual friend.

I was very cautious in opening my heart or feelings to anyone. He and I had an immediate attraction towards one another in our rapport, our tastes, everything from music to art even our political views mirrored one another.

We got along great and as far as I knew he had kept no secrets from me. He was open about his son, his ex-girlfriend told me all about his family life, his absent father and his deceased mother we got on as tho we had known each other for ever.

The only draw backs was he worked long hours and we live in different states.

I started to feel things I hadn't felt in a very long time and he made me believe he wanted the same thing.

I got very ill and started taking some very heavy duty pain meds, between the pain and the medicine and his long hours I started to become hyper sensitive and felt slighted by him and it caused a rift between us.

He eventually asked me to just be calm and slow down but in my state of mind I felt he was trying to distance himself from me and we started to have more troubles between us.

Because of this added stress I felt his attention was getting more fractured. Finally, I blew up and told him that I did not feel he was serious about us and told him it was not enough.

This angered him, he told me this made him feel I was rejecting him and he said goodbye.

We have only spoken once since then, this was back in September.

I am heartbroken that our breakdown in communication caused us to drift apart.

Deep down I feel he still cares but he's afraid of me rejecting him again and so he's closed himself off from me.

What do I need to know or do to try to fix the situation between us and will we resolve our differences and end up together?

I feel lost without him and pray he will return to me.


The Empress
Focus on yourself: your creativity will help you surround yourself with material comforts. If you can get centered you’ll be able to give and receive love and affection.

Knight of Pentacles
You need and deserve a steady relationship with a faithful lover.

Eight of Wands
A sudden travel or a change or circumstances is possible. New friends or a new lover may enter your life soon.

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