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Thoth Tarot Deck

Thoth tarot deck by Aleister Crowley: discover the complex history of these cards and try a free Thoth tarot online reading.

Who Was Aleister Crowley?

Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) was an eclectic and charismatic figure of his times.

This controversial occultist, philosopher, poet, writer, sportsman and mystic gained notoriety during his lifetime for his his unconventional views, magical practices, recreational use of drugs and his uninhibited sexual behavior.

Although he was an influential member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Down, he was never fully accepted.

During a travel in Egypt he had a mystical experience.

He proclaimed himself god's prophet as he claimed to have received the supreme law that inspired his subsequent writings and that could be resumed in "Do what thou wilt".

During his travels, daring mountaineering expeditions and many life adventures he developed his own philosophy and magic rituals.

In 1920 he founded a religious commune in Cefalù (Italy) known as the Abbey of Thelema.

This commune was a kind of magic school based on Crowley's philosophy where all the members were free to follow "their own free will and pleasure".

Crowley wrote many books about his experiences and ideas and in the sixties his work was rediscovered and his writings regained a controversial notoriety.

What is the Thoth Tarot Deck?

In the 1940s, Aleister Crowley designed the Thoth tarot with the help of artist Frieda Harris.

The images of this unusual tarot deck reflect the eclectic philosophy of Crowley and include the secret teachings of his hermetic order.

The Thoth card deck is one of the most popular of the XX century. The meticulous design, the accurate geometry, the colors and the symbols of each card make the Thoth tarot deck a work of art.

The imagery is abstract, in the style of the art deco period.

Actually, I find that the symbolism of the images is sometimes too dense to allow an instinctive interpretation of the cards and leave little space to the reader's intuition and creativity.

Crowley thought that tarot cards were a key to further knowledge that cleverly linked magic to psychology and occultism. He expressed this in pictures that sometimes result too hermetic to the untrained eye.

Crowley's tarot deck is rich in symbols that includes Egyptian, Greek, Jewish, Christian and Oriental images.

In each suit there is a Knight, a Prince, a Princess and a Queen but, strangely enough there are no Kings. Each of the Minor Arcana has a keyword based on the tarot card meaning.

The Major Arcana count twenty-four cards that include three Magus cards, a characteristic of this unusual tarot deck.

Thoth tarot deck

Thoth Tarot Deck

Charged with symbols and meanings this deck is extremely interesting but it requires an explanatory book to go with it and probably is not suitable as a first tarot deck. The structure of this deck is different from the classic Marseille tarot.

Small Thoth Tarot Deck

A smaller version of the Thoth tarot with cards of excellent quality and brilliant colors. This edition comes with an instruction booklet and a layout spread sheet.

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