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The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card meaning is intriguing. Discover in this page the tarot card interpretation of this striking image.

Tarot Symbolism

The image of the Tower or House of God is that of a construction struck by lightning. People are tumbling down with the top of the tower in a dramatic scene.

It is a powerful image that evokes wrath and destruction and it is obviously linked to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.

Mankind became too proud and wanted to build a high tower to reach the skies and invade God’s domain.

They were stopped when God made them speak different languages. Unable to communicate humans had to give up their foolish project.

The lightning is associated with the terrifying fury of gods.

Zeus is often depicted with a lightning bolt in his hand, he throws it around to manifest his malcontent with humanity and show off his immense power.

Lighting is symbol of destruction but also a promise of rain and fertility.

Tarot Card Meanings


Collapse. Awakening, sudden revelation. Illumination. Shocking and unexpected change. Transformation. Loss of a safe heaven.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Something is about to turn your world upside-down.

Initially this will seem a dramatic and even disruptive event but it will bring in its wake unforeseen and positive consequences.

This upheaval is the beginning of a necessary change that will bring, after the first shock, enlightenment and positive change.

On an emotional level it can be a sudden revelation, a moment of truth that shows you things in a different light and may cause an unexpected turmoil in your beliefs and values.

The dramatic nature of The Tower tarot card may also suggest the sudden emerging of indignation or anger that may have been repressed for a long time under a placid appearance.

You might decide or be forced by the circumstances, to pursue a different career but whatever the occurrence, this will turn out in the end to be a sound move.

The crumbling of the Tower can also represent a swift and unexpected residence change that will leave you breathless and with a new life.


Influential, energetic people. Aggressive or disruptive person.

The Tower Tarot Reversed 


Upheaval, chaos, disruption. Captivity.

Tarot Card Interpretation

If possible, the reversed Tower heralds even more disruptive times. No matter how worrying these changes may appear, they will free some part of yourself that you hardly suspected it existed.

Depending on the surrounding cards, the reversed Tower may also symbolize a kind of imprisonment, either literally or more often as an oppressive situation that is impairing your capacities.


Dismayed people. Someone under shock. Oppressive, demanding person.

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