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The World Tarot Card

Discover The World tarot card interpretation. This card concludes the list of tarot card meanings of the Major Arcana and crowns the Fool’s journey to enlightenment.

Tarot Symbolism

The Fool has reached the culmination of his long journey.

The World tarot card brings us the image of a naked woman dancing surrounded by an oval wreath.

The dancer has the breasts of a woman but her slender silhouette suggest more an androgynous  creature who combines feminine and masculine elements.

Although the central figure is naked, the sexual parts are veiled symbolizing a holy secret that  cannot be fully disclosed.

The dance can be interpreted as a sacred art, a form of prayer that puts the dancer in touch with nature and ultimately the gods.

The shaman uses ritual dances to restore health, harmony and encourage healing.

The tarot story started with the Fool's crazy dance and ends with the miraculously harmonious dance of the figure at the center of the World tarot card.

In this card the dancer moves freely but a foot is always touching the earth, grounding and connecting her with reality and giving the picture lightness and stability at the same time.

For the alchemists a women dancing within an oval shape represented the anima mundi or the world soul.

This is the force that animates the matter and shapes it into stars, animals, plants and all the things of our world.

The alchemist's work was to free the anima mundi from the prima materia or the brute matter.

The wreath around the dancer has no beginning or end. It forms the shape of a seed or an egg, symbol of life and the dancer seems to carry on her perpetual movement inside an endless cycle of life and death.

At the four corners of the picture are a lion, an ox, an eagle, and an angel with a halo.

They look serenely and guard the dance of life. They can symbolize the four elements, the directions, the four humors or the four Evangelists.

The ox has been connected to earth, Taurus, matter, patience and St. Luke.

The lion represents fire, Leo, creativity, the spirit and St. Mark.

The Angel symbolizes air, Aquarius, the spiritual quest and St. Mattew.

The Eagle is connected with water, Scorpio, emotional power, rebirth and St. John.

In the Rider-Waite World tarot card, the dancer hold two wands to represent the two poles of energy constantly moving and interacting.

It is interesting the representation of the World tarot card in the Visconti-Sforza deck, probably the oldest tarot deck.

In this image the two alchemical twins present and reveal the Heavenly City of Jerusalem, the ultimate goal.  

This symbolism has been abandoned in the Marseille decks for a more human and individual achievement.

Tarot Meanings


Completion, fulfillment. Triumph. Wholeness. Liberation. End of a cycle.

Tarot Card Interpretation

A feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment accompanies the end of a cycle in your life.

Maybe you finished a long course of education or an important project at work.

It is time for celebration because everything is going according to the plan and you will receive acknowledgment, praise and rewards for a job well done.

Your emotional life is contented and balanced.

The beginning of a new cycle can also start with a travel, a new home and a new, satisfying job.

Every change will be for the better and will give you new knowledge and inspiration.

Enjoy these achievements and this temporary fulfillment. The World is the last of the Major Arcana and after it a new cycle will begin again with The Fool and his quest for knowledge and enlightenment.


Achievers. Winners. Contented people.

The World Tarot Reversed


Unfinished projects. Frustration.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Your success suffers a delay or you are unable to complete a cycle.

You feel frustrated because you are unable to fulfill a promise.

You might not want to reach a conclusion for a resistance to change or for an irrational fear of success.

In a relationship something is left unfinished or has not reached a proper closure.


A drop out, a loser.

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