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The Sun Tarot

The Sun tarot: find the interpretation of this bright image.

Tarot Symbolism

Like the day follows the night, The Sun tarot card follows The Moon.

In Greek mythology Artemis is the goddess of moon and Apollo is the god of sun. They are twins, children of Zeus and Leto.

They represent the two opposites, light and darkness, positive and negative, yin and yang.

Apollo was the god of sun, music, prophecy, healing and archery and he is often depicted as a radiant young man.

In this card are pictured two children born from the dark, fertile womb of the moon and standing into the bright light of the sun.

They represent with their spontaneous joy and creativity, a link between the shadowy aspects of the moon and the beaming light of the sun.

Tarot Card Meanings


Happiness, vitality. Success. Fulfillment. Exuberance, joy and creativity. Friendship. Health. Energy. Marriage and children.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Joy, celebration, happiness and success are entering your life.

Life is good, you have a good time with your children and friends, basking in the light of your success.

You are exuding energy and good health, achieving your dreams is at hand.

In a literal way, this card may indicate summer or a sunny climate.

During a summer vacation you may be able to celebrate an achievement or you may enjoy a well deserved holiday in a warm country.

Children bring you joy and there are good news about them.


Children. Fathers. Good friends. Happy people.

The Sun Tarot Reversed


Delay. Arrogance. Egotism

Tarot Card Interpretation

The meaning of this card is so favorable that even in reversed position, it doesn’t lose its positive connotation.

Your success may be delayed or be only partial for now.

Despite your achievement, you don’t feel satisfied or your success is making you arrogant.

You or someone around you may feel unappreciated and forgotten regardless of hard work and accomplishments.


Arrogant, egocentric, superficial people.

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