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The Star

by Christie

"The Fool is now free and ready for new hope, the stars show him a new path to enlightenment."

Thoughtout my life, I have had 'abilities' that made me feel as though something was 'wrong' with me.

I've been able to 'read people's minds' (although to me, it was as though they were speaking aloud) ... I've been able to commune with the deceased ... I've been able to 'track' objects, from one physical place to the last as though I'm right there with it ... I've always had foretelling dreams

I've always had self doubt, and was always scared of either what people thought of me or if they just wouldn't believe me altogether.

I recently discovered I (and of course my daughter) come from a very old line of witches. Ever since, I've been trying to research all I can to find my place in this world.

At least now, I feel free of all my personal burdens and have new hope for the future as I follow my new path to enlightenment.

Blessed Be

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