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The Star Tarot Card

Discover The Star Tarot Card meaning. In this page you’ll find an interesting tarot card interpretation of this captivating image.

Tarot Symbolism

The star tarot card from the Marseille deck.

E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle

“Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars”, says Dante when he sees the stars and he finally realizes that he has left behind the horrific inferno.

The stars are a universal message of hope, harmony and guidance.

In The Star tarot card, a naked woman or goddess is pouring water into a pool, renewing nature’s resources.

She is using two jars to represent the merging and integrating of opposites. One jet of water flows back into the stream to replenish it and the other falls onto earth to nourish and fertilize it.

The Star woman is naked making her contact with nature immediate and she is kneeling to suggest a humble pose.  She moves in a timeless world, subject only to the rhythm of nature.

The back ground is calm and serene. Two trees are flourishing with the life symbolized by a bird. This card depicts a magically harmonious world where everything moves following the flowing of nature's dance.

The Star tarot card from the Rider-Waite deck

In the sky above are seven varicolored stars with a larger one in the middle. Each star is different and shows a peculiar design.

The stars connect man to immortality and the heavens above. Heroes and gods were often immortalized in planets and constellations that still carry their names.

The Seven Sisters or Pleiades, are a star constellation. In Greek mythology they were the daughters of Atlas who were transformed by Zeus first in doves then in stars to escape Orion.

After the turmoil of The Devil and The Tower tarot cards, finally The Star announces peace and hope with a beautiful and inspiring image.

Tarot Meanings of The Star Tarot Card


Hope. Optimism. Peace. Inspiration. Harmony. Protection, comfort and relief. Restoration. Healing.

Tarot Card Interpretation

This is a very positive card, it means renewed hope in life and its possibilities.

This card is encouraging you to use your talent.

You are drawing your energy and capacities from the universe, an inexhaustible source of power and now, you are able to return positive energy to others in many meaningful ways.

If you are the one who needs help, you’ll soon receive it.

You might what to seek contact with nature to renew your strength and for its healing influence.

If the question was related to the emotional life, the star suggests an harmonious, happy relationship.

In your line of work, you may find yourself helping others or pursuing your ideals.


A young woman. A nature lover or ecologist. A healer. An idealist.

The Star Tarot Card Reversed

The star tarot card form the Visconti Sforza deck


Unjustified pessimism, disappointment. Delays. Anxiety. Depression.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Even in reversed position, this card has a positive meaning.

Maybe you have a pessimistic attitude and are not able to see the the proverbial half full glass in your hand.

Your negative point of view makes you miss promising opportunities. You might be tired and unable to relax and let go.

In a relationship this card may refer to insecurity or a lack of trust. You may feel unable to give and receive love or help with ease.


Pessimists. People with a negative attitude.

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