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The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician tarot card meanings are about his resources and abilities. The Magician has earned the power to control the elements and according to the tarot card interpretation he is a skilled male figure.

Tarot Symbolism

The Magician represents the archetype of the son.

He is a young man with a figure of eight, symbol of eternity, above his head, presiding over a table.

On the table lay a pentacle, a sword, a cup and a wand, the symbols that appear on the four suits of the Minor Arcana cards.

These objects represent the four elements of the material world that turn up in all ancient mythologies.

The Magician has the command over these elements and can use them according to his wishes and objectives.

Meanings of The Magician Tarot


Achiever, ability to take decisions and creative action. Self-confidence. Using knowledge and abilities. Technology user. Adaptation, creativity.

Tarot Card Interpretation

After a long and rigorous training the Magician is able to use his skills to achieve his goals. It is a good time to start a project and make of ideas concrete realities.

You will be assisted by the use of technology or special abilities related to languages, public speaking or writing to realize your potential.

You adapt creatively to new situations and can manipulate the world to reach your objective.

Success is attainable in financial matters.

If you are asking about health, the Magician can represent a skilled surgeon or therapist.


A son or a brother. A cultivated, eloquent person. A psychotherapist or politician. An entrepreneur, someone able with languages, writing and speaking. An engineer, scientist or inventor.

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings


Indecision, blocked creativity, frustration, delays. Arrogance, overconfidence. Manipulation.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Your abilities and creativity are blocked. Something or someone is stopping you. You feel frustrated and unable to use your skills.

Your lack of confidence is preventing you from taking an important decision.

Excessive materialism is blocking your self growth. You might be trapped in a shallow relationship.


Trickster, charlatans, impostors. Arrogant, manipulative or selfish person.

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