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The Magician is on fireee!

by Marinia

The Magician...I have discovered this meanwhile I was performing a ritual.
Last year I was (unhappily) unemployed for 6 months and I decided to make an ad-hoc ritual to speed-up the process of getting the desired job.
So, on the table, in front of me, I lit up an orange candle, I placed a garnet and a citrine crystal each side of the candle and the Magician card (from my first tarot deck, a Rider-Waite, bought three years ago with a bit of financial struggle), behind the candle, leaning towards the (closed) window. So, I was looking at the Magician trough the candle flame, I was getting into a trance and starting visualising me walking towards the job I wanted, entering the bulding, entering the office, talking to my future collegues and so on.
While doing this, the Magician unbalanced and fell into the candle flame! I lift the card and shock: the Magician face was all black! Still in a sort of trance, I took a pen, I wrote on the tarot card my petition, I signed it and... I lit it up from the candle flame. After three months, I got the job and it is exacly as I visualised it.
I keep and use that deck for really important petitions now, and purchased a new one for divination.
I always call the Magician’s energy when I want to manifest something into my physical reality.

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