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The Hierophant Tarot or Pope

The Hierophant Tarot or The Pope card: interpretation and description. 

Tarot Symbolism

The Pope card is also called the Hierophant from two greek words that mean “to show holy things”. So, the Hierophant is an interpreter of the sacred mysteries, a vessel of god.

The latin name for the hierophant is “pontifex” that means “bridge maker”. Again the role of the pontiff is that of building a bridge between the human and the sacred.

The rituals can be very important to build a spiritual atmosphere and this is why The Pope is dressed in rich clothes and is surrounded with beautiful decorations.

Nevertheless, too much accent on material riches and opulence can lead to excess and distract from spiritual matters.

Tarot Meanings


Tradition. Orthodoxy. Conventional wisdom. Wise counselor or mentor. Spiritual authority. Organized religion. Institutions. Teaching and learning. Religious ceremony, wedding.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The Hierophant can indicate the presence of a spiritual guide or a mentor.

You might be involved in formal studies like a teacher or a student and you may be seeking the safety provided by orthodox beliefs.

This figure can also represent a skilled consultant and you might be in a position to look for sound professional advice.

Marriage is another meaning of The Pope and you may be invited to a formal ceremony or a wedding.

In a romantic relationship The Pope can represent the need of clearly defined roles.


The Pope. A high priest. A spiritual leader. Traditionalists. Gifted teachers or mentors that will lead you through structured learning. Councilors and advisors like doctors or attorneys.

The Hierophant Tarot Reversed


Dogmatism. Religious extremism. Fanaticism. Religious Fundamentalist. Rebellion against the rules. Bad counseling.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Maybe you need to rebel against all the rules to find your own way. Try unconventional, lateral thinking to see your situation from another point of view.

You may be too stubborn or fanatic in your beliefs.

Look for a second opinion if you are in need of advice and do not rush into a hasty decision.

Marriage may not be the right choice at this time and a wedding may be called off.


Rebels, eccentrics. Religious fundamentalists. Intolerant people.

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