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The Hermit

“Taking the path of the will, I have reached the highest peak. I was
a flame, then heat, then cold light. Here I am the one who shines, who
summons, and who hopes. I have known complete solitude. This prayer
goes directly from me to my inner god; I have eternity facing my back.
I have waited and continue to wait between two abysses. I can no longer
move forward or backward by myself; I need for You to come. My
patience is as infinite as Your eternity. If You do not come, I will continue
to wait at this very spot, because waiting for You has become my
sole reason to live. I no longer budge! I continue to shine until I have
consumed myself. I am the oil of my own lantern; this oil is my blood,
my blood is a cry calling for You. I am the flame and the call.

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