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The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool tarot card represents the sacred child or the holy idiot protected by his innocence. The tarot card meaning of this card is the beginning of a journey.

Tarot Symbolism

This card depicts an androgynous figure just about to step off a cliff. The Fool is often accompanied by a small dog that is biting his legs or seems to warn him about the danger.

Yet, despite the precipice, the Fool will survive because he is protected by his own innocence.

He is forever starting his perilous journey in search of spiritual enlightenment.

The Fool represents the inner child full of hope and optimism, adventurous because he still doesn’t know fear, failure and the hazards of life.

The number of the first of the Major Arcana, the Fool, is zero, the end and the beginning of a cycle.

Meaning of The Fool Tarot Card


Optimism, innocence, new beginning, spontaneity, serendipity, new start, journey, creativity, confidence.

Tarot Card Interpretation

In the tarot cards, the Fool means a new beginning, a fresh start that you can embrace with an open mind and optimism.

It is time to leave your fears behind and look at the world with new eyes and go with the flow.

You might be meeting new people and you are about to start a new cycle of professional or personal growth.

A surprising solution to your problems may suddenly appear and you can accept it with enthusiasm and optimism.

This tarot card can also mean an actual journey that will help you leave everything behind and start anew.

Great mental energy, nervous tension and instability.


A child, a traveler, an adventurer, a visionary, a young person, eccentric unconventional people.

Reversed Meaning of The Fool


Risk, poor judgment, rushed decision, naiveté, unexpected problems.

Tarot Card Interpretation

In tarot cards the fool reversed means you are at risk of taking an imprudent decision.

Look before you jump, don’t trust someone you just met.

Excessive optimism. Unexpected problems may arise and if you are obsessed with your point of view you might take a useless risk.


Gamblers, someone reckless and untrustworthy.

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