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The first time I heard an Angel

by Cheryl

A few years ago I accompanied my daughter's class as a chaperone on an end of year camp.

It was a hot day and we traveled quite a distance by bus and then by boat to reach our destination. The first thing the teachers sent the children to do was to change into swimmers for a cool dip in the bay.

I was using a different path to the children with one of the teachers and had found a fork in the grass, deciding to take it to the main house which meant crossing the path the children had taken.

I saw a young boy on the ground, he was shaking, as I approached I realised he was having a fit. By the time I got to him he was still and not breathing, I managed to call to the teacher who started CPR while I ran to the beach to get the other teachers, one parent was a nurse.

As they ran to the boy, I crumpled onto the sand, in tears, one parent stayed with me. Giving me words of comfort, but I don't remember anything he said, I was so worried that the boy had died.

I heard a clear voice say "He is fine", looked around saw no one and thought it was my imagination and I was trying to imagine he was fine when he really wasn't.

The voice came back, much firmer this time, each word emphasised "HE IS FINE". Again I looked around and up the hill behind us, while I couldn't see anything I just knew there was an Angel on that hill looking over us.

A few minutes later a teacher came by, I asked how he was and was told that he was fine, breathing and able to answer questions. I was able to go and sit with him until the water police arrived with the paramedics.

I know that fork was put in my path for a reason, the Angels were looking out for that boy that day.

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