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The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress tarot card: in this page you’ll find an accurate tarot card interpretation of The Empress.

Tarot Symbolism

The Empress tarot card

The Empress tarot card symbolizes the fecund Goddess Mother.

One of he chief attributes is her ability to connect heaven and hearth, the mundane and the spiritual world.

In the Marseille deck she is represented with a shield decorated with the image of a golden eagle and her throne suggests a pair of golden wings as evidence of her connection with the spirit.

The scepter of the Empress shows the orb of the earthy reality but is decorated with the cross of the spirit and of course the orb and cross are also the astrological sign for Venus.

There are many parallels between the High Priestess and the Empress tarot card images.

While the High Priestess arms are closed on her body, the Empress's arms are open suggesting an extroverted disposition. Unlike the Priestess hair, the Empress's flows free.

The Empress tunic is more elaborated and embroidered than the simple, nun like dress of the Priestess.

Whereas the Priestess is confined in a temple and connected with gestation, patience and passivity, the Empress is depicted in an open setting and connected with productivity, action, completion, the goddess Ceres and lush vegetation.

The Empress from the Waite deck

In the Waite's deck the Empress sits on plush cushions, next to a field of wheat and a waterfall, symbols of abundance and fertility.

On her heart-shaped shield (the protection granted by love) is depicted the glyph of Venus, her tunic is decorated with pomegranates, suggesting sensuality.

On her head are twelve stars that reflect her name in so many Mediterranean cultures : Astarte for the Greeks and Phoenicians, Ashtoret in Hebrew, Ishtar for the Etruscans.

The Empress is the representation of the feminine principle, she is fertility and sensuality.

But the Mother is not always the Good Mother, she can also represent the Terrible Mother.

In myths she can be represented in her devouring and regressive aspect as a dragon guarding an indispensable treasure.

The Hero that represents the humanity fighting for knowledge and consciousness must destroy the monster to conquer the treasure and transcend to a higher spiritual level.

Tarot Meanings

the Empress tarot card


The mother. Creativity. Nourishment. Nurturing. Fruitful action. Prosperity. Abundance. Comfort. Marriage. Fertility.

Tarot Card Interpretation

This card carries a good omen. It suggests a propitious time to express your creativity, your actions will bring material comforts.

Your creativity can be expressed in art, decoration or cooking. There will be growth, prosperity and time for pleasure.

Your hard work will be repaid with prosperity and abundance.

The Empress suggests a fruitful marriage, pregnancy and the possibility to give and receive love and affection. Sexual relationships are fulfilling and satisfying.

The Empress can indicate an harmonious and satisfying relationship.


Mother, wife. An influent and powerful woman. For a man, the love of his life. A pregnant woman.

The Empress Tarot Card Reversed

The Empress tarot card from the Visconti Sforza deck


Blocked creativity. Frustration. Miscarriage, abortion, infertility. Loveless sex. Scarcity.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Inability to create and produce. You may experience sexual difficulties or impossibility to conceive.

The reversed Empress may symbolize a period of material or spiritual poverty.

Greed can be an obstacle to your growth or in your relationship.

In any case it is important to remember that Mother nature will flourish again in spring after a hard winter.


Cold, unemotional people. Prostitutes. A barren woman.

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