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The Empress Tarot Card

by Roxana
(USA Cincinnati, Ohio)

Windows to the Soul

Windows to the Soul

Everything that embodies the principle character of the empress is deep seeded within me.

I am a spiritual teacher, free spirit, guardian of the truth, and the protector of nature and live my life in accordance and balanced. I live for justice and moral ethics. I am a warrior and defender of all innocent. I will die for this cause. That is the core of my spirit because of my heritage.

My fathers is Cherokee and my mothers is Persian, I am humbled and quite proud of the blood that flows its course through my veins. I try to remain balanced, centered, and ethical in every word, action and deed. I am passionate to a fault but it serves me well for the course that life has chosen me.

My grandfather from father side was Seminole and Cherokee and my grandmother was Cherokee and French.

My mothers side was half Russian Persian blood of royalty Salar Mansur of the order of the lion and the sun the direct lineage of the Shah e Saltaneh from her mothers side and Ghahremani renowned warriors, poets, Prophet, and Princes, from her fathers side.

I traveled to Persia and attended school and resided there for over 10 years flying back and forth between Milan Italy, Lausanne Switzerland and America for academics and stayed when permitted on the Kish Islands and lived on the beach at the Caspian Sea.

My father was the Chief of protocol and the Master of Ceremonial Arts of his Majesty the King Pahlavi, Hence the reason for my traveling and academics.

The years I spent at Chateau Brillantmont in Suisse and traveling abroad were the best years of my life and defines who I am as a person today. The cultural differences, the way of lifestyle, intelligence and higher consciousness of people I met all over Europe and Asia enriched my life. I found that my life lessons were well rounded and sound. I find that I like the person I am and have become due to those experiences.

I lived in the wilderness for 4 years with just a knife and a tent, but gradually I made a small little village for myself and the animals that attended. Some I rescued, some wandered into encampment and stayed while others I raised because they were orphaned. I had a Canadian goose, 3 racoons, a bull frog, a wolf, 3 rabbits, 2 dogs, 16 cats, one horse, a crow, a blue jay, woodpecker, a snake, and a chipmunk. All living peaceful with one another.

The coons were mischievous out of all the group and could not be trusted, for if they were not fed on time then they wouldn't hesitate to take on one of the others for a meal.

In my whole time with them there was only once I came late to feed them and they were trying to drown and eat Gerdie the goose, she was twice their size! But we managed and Gertie was worse for the ordeal and quite upset but eventually all was forgiven and we carried on with the simple life and routine as long as mother nature was forgiving then we managed.

Eventually like everything good all things must come to end and so we all find our own ways and gradually a fleet of geese would entice Gerdie but she had to be coerced to join and the next year eventually she trusted my pushing her out of my nest to find her own.

The dogs died through several ordeals, the raccoons left one day and never returned, the horse that wandered and stayed was so frail and old and he stayed with me to his end taking my heart with him, the snake, rabbits, and chipmunk didn't stay too long and left when they healed, same with all the birds, the cats stayed but I had to leave. I took the wolf with me his life would have been in danger.

I made arrangements when I went to a city for a no kill shelter to pick them up and find them homes and when they did I went back to my encampment stayed a few nights, leaving no trace of myself, took a deep breath, a last look, a deep sigh and I shed my skin to be renewed to another journey beyond the road.

I miss the times that I shared in the silence of the wilderness at night and the rise of the day with enchanting whispers of the wind through the tops of the trees and the sweet sounds of life singing at dawn. I left my soul there and I returned an empty shell. Oh, how I long to be in her embrace once again.

In all I find that my passion for all creation is so great that without it my heart would stop its beat.

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I am The Empress

by Serin Varmasli
(Geelong, Victoria, Australia.)

I am The Empress.

This was an easy choice for me and I have been told that this is MY card previously by a lady on facebook! But that is not why I chose this card.

Looking through the images of the Major Arcana, starting at 0-THE FOOL, I was ready to choose each one I looked at but then realized that through out this Game Of Life I had already moved on from each card and currently reside at The Empress status!

This has been a very rewarding task just now as it has only just sunk in that I really am way stronger than I have ever thought!

People had told me this often but you don't feel very strong when dealing with the universes challenges set before you!!

So thank you very much for assisting me in recognizing my own personal achievements and boosting my confidence. xx

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I am the Empress!

by Lorena
(Cumbria, UK)

I did the test and I turned out to be the Empress.

I think this is very fitting because we are starting a family, I have a 2 years old son and I am expecting twins soon.

As you can see at this stage of my life I am "Mother Earth", giving life and receiving so much more than what I am able to give every day.

I am so very grateful for all the good things in my life.

Although this is a busy time, I try to have some quiet moments for myself every day and I am sure a tarot deck will help me make most of these moments of reflection.

I downloaded the free tarot deck but, I am sure, a real tarot card deck would be so much easier to handle.

I plan to learn the meaning of all the cards and have a tarot party with my friends, hopefully before my twins are born!

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The Empress

by Jen
(Grand Rapids, MI)

My birth card is the empress - which makes sense as I have a unique creativeness in financial affairs, love and parenthood.

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The Empress

by Tay

When you think of The Empress, the first thing that comes to mind is how she can connect heaven and earth and is a spiritual woman.

I have always had the ability to be spiritual and well, believe in something else. I believed in the life beyond life.

Growing up, I was always a very earthy girl. I basically lived outside, while practicing my Christian Religion. I actually got into Tarot Cards to help me in prayer.

I never used them for fortune purposes and things like that, which some Tarot Readers chose to do. I would look at my past and present and ask God for his guidance and help.

My goal was always to create a heaven on earth, and I feel like I can deeply relate to The Empress because of that.

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