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The Devil Tarot Card

Discover in this page The Devil tarot card interpretation. The tarot meanings of this cards are more complex than what you might expect.

Tarot Symbolism

The Devil in the Marseille deck is a partially human, horned figure surrounded by bizarre, smaller creatures tied to him as slaves on a leash.

A horned creature from classical mythology was Pan, a goat-footed god that wandered in Arcadia dancing with the nymphs and paying his pipes of reed.

For his voracious sexual appetites this pagan creature was connected to the fertility, the spring and the exuberant enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

In the Middle Ages this horned creature became the enemy of Christianity for his indulgence in sensual pleasures and turned into the symbol of Satan and the representation of evil.

Tarot Meanings of Devil Tarot Card


Greed. Lust. Indulgence and addiction. Obsessions and unchecked passions. Excessive attachment to the material world. Inordinate exuberance.

Tarot Card Interpretation

There is no need to fear the appearing of this card in a tarot spread. The fundamental meaning of the Devil tarot card is the material world.

Maybe money and the external manifestation of wealth are gaining an important part in your life and you are beginning to value material comforts.

Do not overvalue this pleasures to the point of tuning them into obsessions.

The power of money might tempt you to buy love or friendship or someone may try to control you with his or her economic influence.

Don’t let your passions and fears rule you. Greed or sexual appetite may turn your life into a prison preventing you from greater fulfillment.

Be careful not to be enslaved by wordily pleasures to the point they become uncontrolled passions.

You may feel trapped in a prison of your own making and the only escape is to face your fears or obsessions.


Greedy people. Someone obsessed with material security. Those involved in an abusive relationships.

The Devil Tarot Card Reversed


Release. Positive attitude. Freedom from chains. Overcoming fears an phobias.

Abuse. Dependency. Exaggerated greed or lust.

Tarot Card Interpretation

You confronted your self imposed limitations and suddenly the walls of the prison you built, disappeared.

You are able to master your passions and obsessions. An unhealthy relationship is coming to an end.

You are finally coming to terms with an oppressive situation that is seriously limiting your freedom.

Greed for money and power no longer intoxicate your relationships.

The reversed Devil tarot card can have also a different interpretation, depending of the cards that surrounds it.

It can be a warning against money and power abuse.

Someone may be controlling and manipulating you with sex or money.

Do not get involved in what you already know is going to be an unhealthy relationship.


Reformed addicts. Those who overcame their fears.

Manipulative, controlling people. Power intoxicated individuals. 

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