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The Angels in my Site


my name is Roslyn and I've had many angels in my life and wasn't aware of them all but now I'm more inclined to recognize them .

Just this year I was in my house alone asleep, all my kids were at work and in school.

I was upstairs in my bedroom asleep while there was a burglar in my house.

I heard a bump and woke up but for some strange reason I never went to see where that bump came from but when I did go down the stairs I noticed my daughters TV was gone from her bedroom.

I was amazed at the fact that all my doors were locked I new then that there were angels keeping me safe because at any giving time I could have interfered with the robbery and could have gotten killed.

I just wanna say thank you to my Lord and all the angels he send to protect me every day.

I am so grateful that I can serve a higher power,

Sincerely Roslyn

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