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Temperance Tarot Card

Learn about the Temperance Tarot Card. Read about the tarot card meanings of this charming image.

Tarot Symbolism

In the Temperance, a female figure, sometimes an angel, is pouring water from a jar into another.

To understand the meaning of the card we must consider the Latin root of the word.

Temperare in Latin means to moderate, bend, mix, harmonize. The angel seems to be blending two liquids, maybe water and wine to harmonize them.

The flowing liquids symbolize the continuous flowing of life and the incessant balancing of the two extremes: hot and cold, light and dark, male and female, Yin and Yang.

The number of the Temperance card is fourteen, in numerology it is considered to be the number of movement, energy and combination.

Tarot Meanings


Moderation. Blending. Tolerance. Merging. Balance. Healing. Syntheses. Cooperation. Harmony. Artistic creativity.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The Temperance card indicates a balancing influence in your life.

You are able to negotiate disputes, to see both sides of an argument and blend extremes in an harmonious mixture. You can easily cooperate with others and create a pleasant, nurturing and fruitful environment.

If you are involved in any artistic or creative activity, your work will seem to be flowing almost effortlessly.

Relationships are easy and satisfying. Differences are easily conciliated.

The Temperance is a soothing influence between the turbulence implied by the Death and the Devil tarot cards.


A diplomat. A capable manager. A well rounded personality. Mediators. Healers.

Temperance Tarot Reversed


Extremism. Disagreements. Moodiness. Unleashed passions. Unbalanced emotions. Overindulgence and addictions.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The balance is broken. There are disagreements and disputes that are difficult to conciliate.

You are moving in a competitive and adverse environment.

You are living a difficult relationship, spoiled by resentment or instability, you can’t agree on anything with your partner and arguments are exhausting your energies.

You may have to face the consequences of past excess. You failed to control your obsession for food, sex, alcohol or drugs and this reckless behavior is passing the bill.


Addicts. Overachievers. Extremists. People with compulsive behaviors.

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