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Welcome to Our Tarot Fiesta!

I am so glad you found my tarot fiesta! Are you curious about me and my website? This is how it all started.

This is me…or at least this is a fitting psychological portrait of me.

I like to think about myself as The Fool, always at the beginning of a new exciting trip armed only with the optimism of innocence or... madness, as my friends like to point out.

The little dog (there is always a dog at my side) is my companion in this trip, playing at my feet and maybe warning me about the dangers of a false step.

My journey with tarot cards started many years ago when a friend gave me my first deck and I was fascinated by the strangely enigmatic and evocative images of the tarots.

I started collecting tarot decks and reading about the meaning and history of these beautiful cards.

Many decks after I am still captivated by these ancient images and I still enjoy consulting these cards, they are now like old companions in my life journey.

The tarots are for me like an ancient (but still very useful) form of counseling and self-analysis more than a kind of fortune telling device.

A tarot reading can catch the meaning of a moment in time, taking into consideration the influences of the past and future possibilities.

The Tarot Fiesta

I transmitted my love for tarot cards to my friends and we sometimes like to organize a tarot party when I read tarot cards for everybody.

These are the perfect occasions to enjoy food and drinks together and to give each other all the support, clarification and advice we need. 

The cards help us answer our questions and we treat the tarots with the respect they deserve, not overusing them.

Just as The Fool in the picture I started this site with a little bit of the carefree confidence typical of this character because I wanted to share with you what I learned about tarot cards over the years.

I am certainly no computer wiz but I decided to communicate my passion for these intriguing cards to my visitors and possibly help them discover the amazing power of tarot.

I hope this site will be for you the beginning of an incredible journey of self-discovery and a path to new, exciting knowledge.

Happy you joined the tarot fiesta!

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