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Tarot Card Reading Instructions: Reversals
How to Read Upside Down Tarot Cards

Find out in these tarot card reading instructions, how to read tarot cards that come out upside down in a spread.

There are as many styles of tarot reading as there are tarot readers.

Sometimes reversed cards can present a challenge for their elusive meaning and can turn out to be difficult to interpret.

Every card reader has a different philosophy and technique that makes his or her style unique and this includes they way to deal with card reversals.

There are many schools of thought about how to read reversed tarot cards.

The most straight forward approach to reversals is...to turn the cards  right-side up.

Some tarot readers think that the meaning of each tarot card is already articulate  enough and there are enough nuances in the symbols of every tarot to include a positive and negative meaning.

Furthermore the position in the tarot spread may give a hint about the message of each tarot and many think that there is no need to add unnecessary negativity to a reading.

Other tarot readers recon that upside down cards double the range of explanations, make the reading more accurate and add depth to the interpretation.

Most tarot card reading instructions encourage beginners to first become confident about the meaning of the upright cards before venturing into reversal interpretation.

How to Interpret Reversals

Some tarot experts think that a predominance of reversed cards in a layout has a meaning that asks to be considered.

The most obvious way to interpret them is to give the upside down card the opposite meaning of the upright one.

Another interpretation could be that the card indicate delays, problems and obstacles. Or it may point out that something is not expressed openly and stays hidden or fails to be communicated.

If it's a court card that is reversed, it may represent a hidden aspect of someone's personality.

Another possible interpretation for reversed cards is the upside meaning taken to extremes.

In case the card already carries a negative connotation, in reversed position, it may herald the end of that problem.

It is difficult to give precise tarot card reading instructions about how to read reversed cards. It is a personal decision each reader has to make.

I think the best way is to try different techniques until you find what works best for you and then be consistent with your decision.

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