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Printable Tarot Cards Meaning
The Major Arcana

This printable tarot cards meaning booklet will speed up your tarot learning curve. The cards are associated by affinity or contrast to help you remember their current interpretation.

Having troubles remembering the meaning of the Major Arcana?

Download this neat booklet with tarot interpretations you won't forget!

All cards are combined in complementary pairs to easily memorize their meaning, creating a precious tool for any tarot student.

The explanations are concise and to the point, all you need to jog your memory.

The booklet comes with the Major Arcana of a beautifully detailed Marseille deck!

The traditional imagery of this Marseille deck is evocative and accurate, it makes a wonderful first tarot deck or a welcome addition to your existing collection.

Printable Tarot Cards Meaning Preview

Here is a little teaser of the first pages of the booklet and the tarot deck.

The Fool and The Magician - Optimism and Guidance

The inquirer starts a spiritual journey with enthusiasm and confidence. The magician shows how to use new opportunities and warns about dangers. The Fool's optimism is appeased by the Magician's caution and knowledge of the world.

The Fool represents a new beginning and has great potential.This situation requires courage and some risk taking.

The inquirer must accept all the consequences of this challenge. This card depicts a young and careless man that starts a journey apparently unaware of the fact that his next step can lead him in a precipice.

We see here great new opportunities, confidence and idealism but also foolishness and recklessness.

Upright: Optimism, innocence, new beginning, spontaneity, serendipity, new start, journey, creativity, confidence.

Reversed: Risk, poor judgment, rushed decision, naiveté, unexpected problems.

The Magician has the control of the four elements and of the material world.

He has great confidence in his capabilities to manipulate the matters to his advantage but he must be careful not to become arrogant and manipulative.

Upright: Achiever, ability to take decisions and creative action. Self-confidence. Using knowledge and abilities. Technology user. Adaptation, creativity.

Reversed: Indecision, blocked creativity, frustration, delays. Arrogance, overconfidence. Manipulation.

The High Priestess and The Empress - Intuition and Harmony

Both these cards may represent an important woman and the feminine side of the querent.

The High Priestess indicates the intuitive abilities, hidden feelings and spiritual knowledge. Dreams and symbols help intuition and you might discover unexpected talents.

Learning is encouraged and some hidden knowledge may be unveiled. The world of symbols and dreams offers new possibilities of learning and your intuition will guide you to tell the truth from the deception.

Upright: Intuition. Spiritual power. Hidden influences. Mysteries. Premonitory Dreams. Subconscious knowledge. Sexless love. Changeable moods.

Reversed: Loosing contact with inner needs. Repressed feelings. Hidden enemies. Out of control emotions.

The Empress represents the fecundity and the harmony of the natural world. She is mother earth and she brings abundance and growth.

This card heralds a period of creativity and prosperity and is linked to the enjoyment of simple sensual pleasures. Emotional and material needs will be satisfied. The Empress announces good luck in a marriage and to those who start a family.

Upright: The mother. Creativity. Nourishment. Nurturing. Fruitful action. Prosperity. Abundance. Comfort. Marriage. Fertility. 

Reversed: Blocked creativity. Frustration. Miscarriage, abortion, infertility. Loveless sex. Scarcity. 

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