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Tarot Card Reading Instructions
What to Ask

An essential point of tarot card reading instructions is the importance of clarifying what to ask the cards.

Learning how to read tarot cards is greatly simplified once we can focus on a well worked out question.

Just as looking for an answer in Internet is easy once you focus on the right keywords, formulating the right question will get the best answer from the tarot.

We must keep in mind that in order to get a useful answer, we must ask the right question.

Often, the process of working out a question will tell you about your situation and yourself as much as the reading itself and will instantly bring you one step closer to a solution.

Some of the most commonly asked questions reveal an excessive  passivity and resignation.

Questions like "Why can't I find love?" express self-blame or recrimination.

A much better attitude to the problem would be to ask "What can I do to get ready for love?" or "How can I bring love in my life?" or "What can I do to express my love?"

Rephrasing the question in an assertive way will free you from self-imposed limits and restrictive assumptions and will lead you toward a solution even before you start the reading.

Try to center the focus of the question on you instead of on external events and other people's feelings.

If you concentrate your question on other people's opinions and emotions, you automatically delegate them the power to make you happy and successful.

Instead, if you move the attention to yourself and your actions, you are already empowering yourself and taking a giant step toward the solution of your problem.

For example instead of asking "Why is that person so unkind?", ask yourself "What can I do to improve our relationship?".

Instead of agonizing on questions such as "Does she love me?", ask yourself "What I am I looking for in this relationship?", "What do I want from her?" or "How can I express my love?".

If the question itself emphasizes your powerlessness and vulnerability, rephrase it in an active and positive way.

Sometimes you might just feel a sense of confusion and disconnection like if something was missing from the picture.

When you can't pinpoint a precise question to ask, to find a sense of purpose and direction, you can simply ask the cards "What do I need to know at this point in my life?".

Questions about the Future

Asking about the future requires further tarot card reading instructions and a little advice.

Can we foresee the future in the tarot?

A reasonable way to give an answer to this question is to think of divination as a weather report.

A weather forecast will tell us what to expect if the situation stays the same.

But, if you don't believe in a future set in stone and you accept the concept of free will, you can also decide the best course of action to help you influence the events that are within your control.

A forewarning can help us make the right choice, change certain attitudes or adjust our expectations.

For example instead of asking the cards "Should I do this?" we should ask "What would probably happen if I do this?"

Maybe the most important tarot card reading instruction we can get from learning how to read tarot is the idea that we must take responsibility of our future, we have the possibility to understand ourselves and we can actively influence the outcome of the situation we are living.

The tarot can clarify a situation and make our unconscious thoughts surface but ultimately it is our task to act, change the things we can influence and accept serenely what we cannot change.

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