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Tarot Card Layouts and Free Tarot Spreads for Self-Discovery

These tarot card layouts are designed to help you explore your inner world. Start, with these tarot spreads, an amazing journey of growth and self-discovery.

To do a reading with these tarot card layouts, it is very important that you find a quiet moment and get centered.

Kick off your shoes, get a cup of your favorite drink, disconnect the phone and get ready for some surprising revelations.

These free tarot spreads are going reveal a lot about yourself, what is really important in your life, your deepest expectations and your life journey.

This moment of reflection will be a pause for growth, to make conscious decisions and assuming responsibility for your future.


This elegant and apparently simple tarot cards spread helps you focus on a problem and analyze it.

1 Card: Problem
The root of the problem

2 Card: Approach
How you address your problem

3 Card: Solution
How to solve it

Let Go of the Past

Sometimes our past is what is slowing us down and blocking our progress. The only way to proceed is to identify our blocks to overcome them and learn to let go of the past to face the present.

1 Card: Discard
What I want to throw away

2 Card: Block
What is blocking me

3 Card: Action
How to proceed

4 Card: Avoid
What to stay away from

5 Card: Accept
What to embrace

Life Purpose Spread

Try this tarot layout for questions like "What step should I take next?" or "What am I doing with my life?".

1 Card: You
Your position now

2 Card: Your Fear
What scares you

3 Card: Positive Influence
What had a good impact in your life

4 Card: Negative Influence
What had a wrong impact in your life

5 Card: Promise
Make yourself a promise (and keep it!)

6 Card: Result
The outcome given the present situation

Lotus Flower

Use this free tarot spread to analyze your situation at the moment, your past and your expectations.

1 Card: You
Your Situation at the moment

2 Card: Barrier
Barriers and obstacles

3 Card: Expectations
Hopes and prospects

4 Card: Turn on
What you must develop

5 Card: Help
Where to find support

6 Card: Next goal
Your upcoming challenge

7 Card: Outcome
Result given present situation

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