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Tarot Two of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles

Find out about the tarot two of cups, wands, swords and pentacles meaning, description and interpretation.

The Twos


Balance. Duality. Synthesis. Nurturing. Partnership.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Twos

The number two represents synthesis and harmony. It symbolizes the two opposites, yin and yang, light and dark, black an white.

It is essentially a feminine number as it represents the need to reconcile the opposites, nurture, give and receive. In the Major Arcana the number two corresponds to the High Priestess for her feminine characteristics.

Tarot Two of Cups


Union, partnership.

Tarot Two of Cups Description

This card recalls the imagery of The Lovers in the Major Arcana. While the Lovers emphasizes the power of love, this one stresses the beginning of a new or renewed relationship. It may refer to an important friendship, a love relation or a business partnership.

In the Rider Waite tarot deck two people celebrate their union by drinking together. They merge their qualities trough love and in this way go beyond what they would achieve as single individuals.

In The Lovers card the union is represented under the auspices of an angel but in the Two of Cups the union is presided by a winged lion over the caduceus of Hermes that represents wisdom and healing.

The lion represents the instincts and its wings the spirituality that takes natural inclinations to a higher level. In the distance we see a house as a suggestion of the possibility of a life together under the same roof. 

The scene is a representation of courtship, attraction and pledging between two individuals that are very similar yet different. 

Tarot Two of Cups Meaning

This card represents the blending of two opposites, it heralds love and harmony. The tarot two of cups may represent the early stages of romance or a new, positive phase in an established relationship.

If the question refers to work, this card may represent a fruitful partnership. In social life the two of cups may represent harmonious and satisfying friendship.

There is the possibility of a partnership, either as a romantic union or a business venture. There is potential to create something magic and special. Take full advantage of this opportunity to use this gift of love and friendship and enjoy it.

This card suggests a harmonious and loving relationship. If there are problems with a partner, lover or friend, you'll be able to find a satisfying solution and reconcile.

If your question was about romance, this card heralds harmony, union and a lasting and meaningful relationship.
This tarot may announce the deepening of a relationship sealed with a firm commitment.


Partners, friends, lovers and colleagues

Reversed Tarot Two of Cups Meaning


Separation, divorce, rejection, misunderstanding, conflict, disputes, distrust.

Tarot Card Interpretation

You are involved in a separation from someone you love or a happy reunion is delayed. A relationship turned out to be less satisfying than it was expected.

Misunderstanding. Arguments, separation. The two of cups reversed may also represent a useless waste and maybe a separation is not the best course of action in the long run.


An unfaithful or unfair partner, a disloyal friend.

Tarot Two of Wands


Opportunity, partnership.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card may represent the early stages of a successful partnership and a joined creative effort.

There is the possibility of success and prosperity when two minds work harmoniously together.

You are preparing for a favorable change and you may feel impatient and restless but rest assured that success will follow hard work.

Negotiations are under a favorable influence and you will achieve your goals if you stick to the plans.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Unfulfilled promises and possible delays. Matters don’t seem to go the way you expected and unforeseen difficulties may arise.

Arguments and incomprehension with partners and associates.

Tarot Two of Swords


Tension. Stalemate.

Tarot Card Definitions

Two forces are so balanced that there is a standstill and the situation is tense but static.

You feel stuck, there is a sense of uneasy peace like the calm before a storm.

You may be facing a dilemma and unable to make a decision. Instead of making up your mind you prefer to ignore reality.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Breaking of the tension, the decision is taken. You are finally able to face your feelings and decisions.

Tarot Two of Pentacles


Fluctuating fortunes.

Tarot Card Definitions

There is the need of some balancing act, maybe juggling finances or several tasks.

It is possible that you’ll need a second job to make ends meet or you’ll have two income sources.

You’ll have to balance your energies in a difficult situation.

For its dual meaning this card can represent a second chance that it is offered to you.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

You may feel overwhelmed by having to face too many tasks.

It is becoming difficult to maintain a balance and you seem to be unable to hold it all together.

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