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Tarot Three of Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles

Tarot three of swords, cups, wands and pentacles meaning, description and reversed card interpretation.

The Threes


Growth. Creation. Development

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Threes

The threes herald growth and success. This number combines of the creativity of the ones with the nurturing and balancing qualities of the twos.

The three was often regarded as the perfect and sacred number. In the Major arcana this number correspond to the Empress, the fertile Mother Goddess.

Tarot Three of Swords


Heartbreak, sorrow, separation


Tarot Three of Swords Description

I love the plain symbolism of this card. We find this superb picture in the Sola Busca tarot, the oldest deck to survive entire to our times. The heart pierced by three swords is pure genius, this is such a powerful  image that it survived in modern tarot decks.

It is curious that there is no bleeding from the heart and maybe this indicates that there is hope and the healing process is already in motion.

The tarot three of swords have been said to represent a love triangle, someone has entered a preexisting relationship and caused heartache. Pamela Colman Smith in the Rider Waite deck adds clouds, rain and a stormy sky behind the heart to suggest the emotional turbulence this card depicts.

On a happier note, this image can also represent the triumph of the reason (the swords) over the emotions symbolized by the heart.

Tarot Three of Swords Meaning

This card seems to suggest a triangle and what looked like a perfect romance may end in tears. An established relationship can be shaken causing great tension and you may consider a separation.

Do you feel cut off from something or someone you love? Did you have to abandon a way of life, a lover or a friend? Definitely there is something to mourn about, you are suffering a severe emotional distress.

Sadly there is no magic antidote to suffering but in order to overcome pain we must first acknowledge and accept it. Only taking on your pain will allow you to move on and turn your sorrow into acceptance and love.

There might be the need to let go of a relationship that only brings heartache and anguish. A relationship has come to an end and we must use the sword of reason to sever ties that are no longer helping us in our progress. 

Keeping your head and using the power of reason in a difficult situation will help you overcome the stress of a necessary separation.

Don’t fall into the trap of being caught in the satisfying role of the heartbroken lover, it can offer a great excuse to remove yourself from the world and effectively stop your progress.

Nevertheless, something good can come out of a painful episode and this experience can bring enlightenment and personal growth as a result.

If the reading is related to something more physical, surgery may be necessary to solve a health problem. 

In work matters this card can indicate troubles and conflict but if you are able to survive the storm, new ideas can emerge from the chaos. 

Tarot Three of Swords Reversed

Keywords: end of suffering, denial

In the reversed card it looks like the swords are sliding out of the heart on their own accord. This card reversed marks the end of a period of anxiety and upheaval. The worst is over an after the heartache, the healing process has already begun. 

 Now the healing process can begin.You are recovering and the worst is over, the situation has been painful but you are overcoming your problems.

On another end, this reversed card can also mean that the healing process is blocked by denial and your avoidance can cause a deep distress if it is not allowed to be expressed. You are failing to accept an unavoidable separation.

Tarot Three of Cups



Tarot Card Definitions

The Three of cups announces that something to celebrate is coming soon.

This is a joyful card, it can refer to joyous family gatherings like a celebration for a marriage, a birth or an engagement.

It heralds a happy phase with parties, celebrations an lighthearted joy.

It is time to share happiness with others, enjoy!

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Too much of a good thing. Overindulgence. A celebration has been called off or you might not be able to attend a gathering as planned.

About finances, this card warns you against overspending and extravagance.

Tarot Three of Wands


Beginning of a venture. Opportunities.

Tarot Card Definitions

What begun with the ones, was then developed and nurtured with the twos and it is now ready to bear fruits with the threes.

This card promises success especially in business. You are over the first stage of an enterprise and are getting ready for the next step. Your skills and ideas are ready to become reality and be developed. 

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Overconfidence and arrogance may bring to waste good opportunities.

You may be too proud to accept help and your foolish pride can get in your way and limit your ability to seize your chances.

Maybe your plans were too ambitious and your expectation unrealistic.

Tarot Three of Pentacles


Talent and skill. Pride for a job well done.

Tarot Card Definitions

You worked hard to master a skill and it is now time to collect the reward for a well executed job. There will be tangible results for your efforts like a promotion, a salary increase or a graduation.

You may be able to apply your abilities to improve your home of advance in your profession.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Probably you need to work harder or learn more before you are able to savor success.

Your focus may be misplaced on gaining recognition more than doing your work conscientiously.

Minor Arcana meanings

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