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Tarot Share!

Join the tarot share party! Tell us your story and receive a free tarot reading. Share your tarot skills and offer a reading.

Yes, our tarot website is different. You might have noticed that we don’t stress the dark side of tarot, no veiled readers, and lugubrious pages here!
We believe that a tarot reading should be a moment of serene reflection and an introduction to fresh paths in your life.
Tarots are magic because they offer us a precious moment of sharing, communication, and caring.

Join the Tarot Share Party!

Sometimes it is not easy to read tarot for ourselves, you might be too close to a tree to see the whole forest and a detached look at your cards is all you need to have an insight.
You can use the tarot share to ask for a free tarot card reading.
Sharing is an essential part of tarot reading. The querent receives insights and advice and the reader gets enriched and has an occasion to refine his or her intuitive skills.
Exchanging insights and ideas is important for a positive and supportive approach to tarot cards.
And that’s why we created a tarot share page: to encourage giving and receiving a tarot reading freely.
On this page, you can tell your story and formulate a question for a tarot reading.
Our visitors, beginner tarot readers or pros, can offer a tarot reading to answer your question.
There is no limit to the number of readings your request may receive. The more, the merrier!
This page is an open forum, a meeting point for whoever is looking for a tarot reading and readers.
Pay it forward, start exercising your intuition, and offer a tarot reading.
And this is how the Free Tarots Exchange works.

Share Your Tarot Reading

Explain in detail your situation and ask your question in the form below.
For best results write a compelling story and think thoroughly about your question.
Formulating the right question is the most important step to receive a good answer.
If you are not sure about what to ask or how to phrase your question, have a look at this page. It will help you understand how to formulate your question in a meaningful way.
I can’t stress how important this step is. A clear and well-thought question is crucial to receiving a fulfilling tarot reading.
Your story will appear at the bottom of this page and anyone wishing to offer a reading will write one in the comments section on your page.
To find your reading easily and safeguard your privacy, I suggest you use a pen name.

Offer a Tarot Card Reading Share

If You Are a Beginner. Try your hand at tarot cards reading! 

Practice your tarot skills and give a reading in the comment section at the bottom of each page.
This is an excellent exercise if you are a beginner tarot reader.
Think of giving a tarot reading as a good workout to develop your ability and intuition. Your reading can be as simple or as advanced as you wish.
A one tarot reading would be great! A tree tarot layout would be just fine.
Do you feel like a Celtic cross reading is more appropriate? Perfect, the choice is only yours.
If You Are a Professional Tarot Reader  
Are you an experienced or even a pro tarot reader? Do you have a tarot website? Fantastic!
Write your reading on the comment section below the entry and if you wish, add the address of your website, I’ll make it into a link.
You’ll be able to share your skill and give great exposure to your business!

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