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Tarot Reading: My Precious Son

My first born, my precious son came to us as divine gift on 24th June 1992.

Having lived a quietly content, simple, serving and Sufi life for 22 years and 3 months, he transcended on his eternal travel on 24th September 2014.

We do not know the cause of his passing away. The medicos have ascertained it to be sudden cardiac arrest, possibly attributable to a congenital heart condition.

As parents, on one side, we are shattered and in deep pain and grief ... unable to understand anything and take heart.

On the other side, we are filled with a deep sense of faith & surrender. We need help with both ... understanding what happened to our son and why at such young age, he had to leave like this and how do we transcend from grief to gratitude and take his mission forward.


Ten of Wands
You are carrying the heaviest load of all and wondering how are you ever going to make it. Try to share this unbearable burden when it becomes too much.

Five of Cups
Your loss is intolerable but, instead of thinking how much you miss your son, try to be grateful for the time you were able to sped with him.

Ace of Cups
Even from the most traumatizing experiences, can emerge something positive. This card heralds a new beginning and the renewal of your emotional life. In time you’ll be able to find peace and feel again emotionally fulfilled.

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Sep 03, 2015
Reading for My Precious Son
by: Christine


First of all, my deepest condolences for your loss. That must be the most traumatizing event for any parent to endure.

Hopefully my reading can help you in some way.

The first question you asked was, what did your son die of? Since I am not a doctor, and the tarot cards cannot make medical diagnoses, I, nevertheless, drew a card and did my best to interpret it. I hope this is ok.

8 of Swords- This card seems to indicate that he had a hidden condition that was not diagnosed by any doctor until it was too late. For some reason, Source keeps on showing me a heart with veins that lead up to his brain. I do not know how to interpret this picture because I am not a doctor, but perhaps you could ask for an opinion from a doctor that you and your family might know.

What was the spiritual reason why he died so early?

4 of Rods- This card seems to indicate that his soul had accomplished all that it had set out to do in this lifetime and wanted to return home to a joyous reunion with Source. It would seem that some souls plan a long trip to earth and some souls plan a shorter trip to earth. It does not mean that they have ceased to exist. They still exist just not in a body.
You should ask Source for communication from him in the form of some sign. Then be open to it.
On the internet people from all over the world write about after death communications from loved ones who have passed away. This phenomenon is so prevalent that they have a term for it - ADC, after death communication.

How can you go on with your life?

The Magician- This card indicates that you should channel your grief into action, perhaps some kind of foundation that will help people in some way. Perhaps if you meditate on this question, "What can I channel my grief into?", you will receive an answer. Ask it of your heart or whatever source of answers you feel comfortable in asking.

Hopefully, my reading has helped you. If it has, feel free to reply.



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