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Tarot Reading for Wilma

Fred and i met 9 years ago. A friendship with a hidden sense of attraction was immediate. Our romantic relationship began 2.5 years ago. He struggles with some mental illness and past trauma. His mind is so full of fear and doubts it has consumed his true nature and he becomes detached. I know we are soul mates but we are blocked and stagnate. I know he loves me and i love him so much. We have separated a couple of times but he reaches out to me within a few weeks with panic he has lost me. Can our love overcome his mental illness and last?


Knight of Swords
You need to take firm action

Page of Swords
Rationality and maybe the assistance of a professional will be of great help.

The Emperor
Be decisive, organised and rational to improve the situation.

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Sep 01, 2015
Reading for Wilma
by: Christine

Hello Wilma,

I am a beginning tarot reader so hopefully this reading will be helpful to you.

For your question, "Will our love overcome Fred's mental illness?", I drew the Fool card.

Source gave me this interpretation- Take it one day at a time. View it as a learning experience in unconditional love for both of you. Fred might have come into your life to be your teacher to teach you this lesson. You might have been drawn into this relationship to teach him something too. Look into your heart to see what this might be. The Fool card does not tell me anything about what this lesson might be.

Practice patience. Do not not make any rash decisions about your relationship but think it over carefully, and talk it over with Fred. Meditate upon what you should do. Your heart will lead you to the right decision. However, I must warn you against listening to family and friends. They view your relationship from the outside and truly do not see it for what it is.

For your question, "Will my relationship with Fred last?", I drew the 8 of Wands and the Emperor card.

8 of Wands- You will come to a decision about how to resolve this relationship. Another meaning might be- the relationship will be resolved in some way but the cards do not show clearly how.

The Emperor- This card gives a strong yes answer to your question as to whether the relationship will last but you will have to decide to make it last, you and Fred, meaning make a strong commitment to it.

Either way how the relationship will be resolved will be up to you and Fred, and Source is telling me that it will be up to you to be the strong one, to be the decider.

Hopefully, this reading has been helpful to you. Let me know if it has by replying. I hope we are able to do this on this website. I am new here. If you can't, that's ok.

Good luck to you and Fred.


Aug 24, 2015
by: Samanda

Hi! :) I'm sorry to hear that blocks are interrupting your relationship. First of all know, True Love can overcome ANYTHING. <3:) I am afflicted with the same issues your soulmate is, but unfortunately not at least still knowing MY soulmate/being together physically. It's really tough!! In addition to the previous reading, I would also suggest both of you look into past life regression. I'm reading some books about it, and there are some stories similar to yours, where one or the other physically lost the other in a previous life, which then comes up in this life, and so on, until, it's so to say, put in it's place. ;) I used the Truth Spread(3 cards in the shape of a triangle) from Galaxy Tarot Pro.
The first card(top of triangle) symbolizes Fact, what is objectively true about the situation.
Keywords: Wise, Calm, Collected, Emotionally Mature, Counselor, Experienced
This may represent someone currently in the situation, or someone that may come.
The King of Cups is emotionally mature. He is able to observe his emotions, and respond to them in a wise way. He is a caring, empathetic, and great listener.
He has a big heart, and is a caring soul. He makes a good partner, and parent.
{A suggestion} He channels his thoughts and emotions in safe, and creative ways. They hold no power over him because of that. He loves the arts, and beautiful things.
The second card(bottom left) is:
Keywords: Love, Union, Cooperation, Choice, Sexuality
The second card of the Truth Spread, represents Feelings. Feelings about the situation; which can change with new perceptions, and perspectives.
The LOVERS remind you that paradise can be achieved! It may not be perfect all the time, but like the saying goes about work, with the right person (soulmate), life can be less monotone, and hard. You have been questioning whether your love can survive, and the way to find this answer is within your heart. Use your head to think of all possible solutions, but listen to your heart in the end. Your head can hide away regret, almost like it was never there, but your heart will always show you your true feelings. Once the decision is made, you can move forward. If you fear about choosing wrong, remember that what is meant to be, will always be. While you deliberate, don't forget to celebrate all the Love you already have! Self-love, True Love, Friendship, and Passions. :)
The final card of the Truth Spread(bottom right) is:
This card represents beliefs and assumptions about the situation. Remember to question any beliefs and assumptions you have, and make sure they aren't just fears trying to masquerade as truths!
Keywords: Doubt, Self-destructive thoughts, Shadow Work, Getting to the Root of Worry
When the Nine of Swords appears reversed, there are worries and fears that are begging to be addressed. Your fears have started to disrupt parts of your life. Ask your angels and guides for peace, and guidance. This card may also mean that you ARE being proactive about dispelling, and working through these fears! In addition to your angels, guides, and any human you seek guidance from, writing down your fears will help you solve them. I'm a big fan of pros and cons lists, but also just writing them down, and then writing whatever comes to you about them, is really healing!!
In looking further, there is a Chakra that is associated with this reading. You guessed it! It's the Heart Chakra. Represented by Green, Air, and connection to the earth(when balanced), the Heart Chakra reminds one to focus on Love, Compassion, and Happiness. When balanced, we can't help but feel Love and acceptance for fellow humans, and the earth. When unbalanced, we may become overly attached, and possessive, fearing loss and alienation from loved ones and Life. We may distance ourselves, and feel lonely. It can cause mental illness-type symptoms, and respitory, and circulation problems. Some Heart healing ideas are, Visualize the color Green, Red, Pink, and White. Notice how they make you feel. Also, wearing those colors gives extra oomph. :) And repeat to yourself, "There is only Love. I am only Love. It's all Energy.", or any phrase that brings feelings of Love, and Peace to you. Doing this together, may even heal faster. Whatever is comfortable for the parties involved.
In the end, things will work out how they are meant to. <3 And if you two cannot stay together in this life, know that being Soulmates means you are always connected by Soul, and will be together in a future life (although I feel that you two will make it in this life!)
Good luck! <3 Samanda

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