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Tarot Reading for Swede

Hi, I'm telling my story in the hopes of getting some insight and hoping that nobody will pass judgement.

After being married for 19 years I had an affair. My marriage has been a bit rocky from the get go but the last five years I have been very unhappy. I'm sure my husband was too.

All I was to him was a nanny and a housekeeper. He showed me no affection whatsoever. He didn't make love to me for 2 1/2 years. If I initiated it I would get turned away.

I know I'm not the prettiest flower in the garden but I would like to think I'm not a troll either.

The last straw for me was when my mom got real sick and passed away. He was never there for me and would get upset if he had use his truck to clean out her house.

I was blessed with being able to be with her when she left this world. I drove home and as soon as I walked in the door my two sons came to me and gave me hugs and so much to live for.

My husband never got up from the couch. When I sat next to him he said nothing and then got up and walked away.

Anyway, shortly after I met this man online. He lives in my hometown. I received more love and compassion from him than I ever did from my husband.

Well, my husband found out about my affair and filed for divorce. I think it was a bluff because I know he wants me back. I think it's only because he doesn't want to be alone.

He is putting my boys in the middle all the time. They are 15 and 16. He has also done some horrible things.

I still see the man I had an affair with. Not often but he calls/texts me every day. I live about 60 miles from my hometown.

I have very strong feelings for him and feel there is a strong connection. He is recently divorced also but has been separated for about two years now.

I guess I am trying to figure out how he feels about me and whether I should continue the relationship.

I'm so scared to get hurt. I don't think I could handle another heartbreak right now.


The Emperor
This card highlights a relationship based more on domination than on affection.

Seven of Cups
Your success in this situation depends on your ability to reach a carefully pondered decision. Take your time and don’t let your imagination go wild.

Queen of Pentacles
Don’t let your fears stop your progress toward your real goals.

Seven of Swords
The wish to escape may be sometimes overwhelming but do not take any rash decision. Your diplomacy and intelligence may help you in this difficult situation.

Four of Wands
You’ll be able to build a happy future and celebrate after a challenging undertaking.

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