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Tarot Reading for Spurned

I am a 40 something divorced women.

I met a man who is unlike anyone else I have ever known. We had a completely torrid affair for nearly two years. Because I wanted him so badly, I pushed my own boundaries to do anything to please him. Then, he became distant.

About four months ago, he texted me that he was sorry but he was with someone now.

I had broken up with him once in those two years when I met someone who wanted a serious relationship but my torrid lover pulled me back in by asking for one more "amazing night".

I tried the same with him just one time (it took several tries to work on me) but he said he couldn't and I let him go.

I don't understand why I still think about him and wish things could return to the way they were because I was really not that happy when we were together - I was always thinking that I needed to find a way to end it because I was so out of control in love with him and it was clearly one sided from the beginning.

I had, and I guess still harbor, the hope that the fact that I genuinely adored him and would do anything for him would somehow win the day.

So my question is, why am I so unable to let go of this man? It is completely unlike me and unprecedented in my history.

Some part of me just can't seem to give up hope although it is entirely irrational as he gives me no reason to hope.

I don't get it. So why and what should I do? I keep thinking I should go out with others. I get a lot of attention and requests to go out.

Not one of my friends understood my attraction to this man or thought that he was good enough for me. But, somehow I just can't seem to gather enough interest in anyone else.

Help me understand please.


Ace of Wands
You find yourself at a turning point and you have energy to start something new. Let your creativity flow.

Eight of Pentacles
You need to concentrate on your work. You have a great opportunity to develop your skills.

The Hanged Man
This may feel like a test but there is something to be learned and gained here. Consider this moment as a precious opportunity to reassess your priorities.

Seven of Pentacles
Take a pause and evaluate your progress, your time has not been wasted. This experience will teach you an important lesson.

Two of Wands
You are getting ready for a deep change. Take control of your life, you can overcome all the obstacles that are in your way.

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