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Tarot Reading for Serena

I'm in love
can be addictive I know
also 'cause I'm a mistress
he said my love for you is true
but he's going to have two kids
with the "girlfriend", with him from 16 years
as they had already planned before he met me
'cause a change at the point of the path of their couple
was too emotionally dangerous for him and his girlfriend..
what about me?
i feel sucked
which way
is going to bring me through the realization of a soulmate relationship in the reality...
it’s good to trust in what we feel each other when we are together even if the reality makes it seem a paradox?


Four of Wands
You are longing for a stable and positive relationship.

The Magician
This card encourages you to remain adaptable and refine your abilities to achieve your goals.

Remain centered and rely into your inner strength and patience to overcome a difficult situation.

The High Priestess
Listen to your deep feelings and your innermost voice. Trust your intuition and dreams, you may come to understand a secret aspect of your situation.

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