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Tarot Reading for New Beginning

I have been married for 9 years to a widower and single father with a 8 years old daughter and living in Europe far away from my parent and family.
Four years ago my husband stopped working due to mental sickness (Depression and Burnt Out). Nobody including his parent and sister can talk to him, he was aggressive and easily exploded.
At the beginning of his sickness problem I was also dragged into Depression and was tried to attempt suicides a few times because he was always yelling, controlling, accusing, and make me feel guilty all the time.

I feel anxious and fearful whenever I am near him. He is taking medicine for the last 4 years and the dosage is getting heavier and heavier but he never like to go to for treatment, Therapy by Psychologist.

He believes he is healthy and only some sort of stress due to all the bad situation he has got. Although now he never yells or explode anymore, he is constantly looking for my mistakes whenever he is not in good mood and he is accusing me, complaining and making me feel guilty and scared.

When I ignoring him since he keep poisoning my mind with all his words, he will tell me that he is not happy with my behavior and that I do not care for him when he needs support then he will even sometimes threats that maybe he shall just kill himself or shoot himself etc.

His first wife left him with another man and left him a deep scar which until today he still can not settle with it.

Since teenager his daughter has got Anorexia and self-harm, now she is already 21 years old and has got her own job in other city.

6 Months ago his father past away in an accident, he fell into his own fish pond and died. Since then my husband feels more depressed.

With all those kind of situation in our marriage, I feel very tired but was afraid to end it since I feel pity for him. Although since long I have lost my feeling for him especially after he left me alone in Dubai Airport without single cent or credit card by just walking out while he knew I can't walk out the immigration because I couldn't get the Visa to enter Dubai.
I still stay with him because I was not sure about my future and also I feel pity for him.

But recently I met someone whom I can feel comfortable with, and I can be myself whenever I am with this person. He opened up my mind that I shall not sacrifice my life and I deserve a better happy life. He said he is in love with me.

My Questions are:

1. Shall I get divorce from my husband?
2. If I get divorce from him, would I be happy in my future life?
3. If I get divorce would it be smooth?
4. How will my husband react when he knows I want a divorce? Would he agree?
5. Would I be back and live in the country where my parents are?
6. Is this new person in my life sincere to me and honest that he is going to help me? Is he sincerely in love with me?
7. Would it be a good idea to end my marriage and go to him?
8. If I left my husband would my financial be better?


Knight of Cups
Beware of being too passive in this situation. It would be wise to get professional advice.

Five of Wands
You will be successful if you take an active role in your life decisions.

Page of Cups
Plan your future effectively and carefully. Daydreaming won’t help you.

The Magician
Take assertive action and use your organizing skills.

Five of Cups
Not all is lost. Look at the future with a positive attitude. Sometimes it is better to end a relationship that is bringing only disappointment.

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