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Tarot Reading for Lost, Confused, Empty and Heartbroken.

I have always believed in finding someone who makes me happy and feel loved and vice versa.
I have struggled with relationships in the past not working out because I didn't feel it there. I knew I was still searching. I met this amazing man and we had the best chemistry and shared the most amazing times together.
We have so much in common and we rarely had a disagreement.
We both are very deep, passionate people who have very similar painful pasts.
One day out of the blue he decided he needed time, it was both very emotional for me and him.
We have talked off and on for a month or so and he still shows signs of caring.
I can't let go for some reason and this is killing me, I feel like a piece of me is missing.
My heart belongs to him and I try to fight it but I feel connected to him in a unexplainable way.
He's not much of a talker and I just want to know there is hope for us and we can be together and happy, that me holding on is the right thing to do.
Please help me.


Five of Swords
You feel wounded but if you don’t accept the situation there is no way you can progress.

The Magician
Take advantage of your knowledge and abilities. You need to rebuild your self confidence and trust your judgement and creativity.

The Devil
You are getting trapped in a prison made by your own fears and obsessions. The only escape is to face your devils.

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