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Tarot Reading for Hera

I am a 22 year old scorpio woman and college senior. I am beautiful and intelligent, but I am suffering from an incurable STD, herpes.

A few weeks ago I began an affair with a guy whom I thought was perfect for me, who knew my secret, and was still willing to begin a relationship. I felt a real connection with this guy. He told me that I was just what he needed, and he invested a lot of time into our short affair. We were like an everyday thing, that is, until we had sex for the first time.

I rented a hotel room with a jacuzzi, bought expensive lingerie, and we had dinner out, DUTCH (he made little to no financial contribution throughout the entire affair). I tried to make the night special in every way but things didn't turn out so well. When we made love, he seemed distant, and the very next morning told me he had feelings for his ex girlfriend. My heart was crushed.

Since then he has shown little remorse for how he hurt me,which angers me, but the more I try to forget about him and move on, the more he pops up in my life in various ways. However he is still giving little to no indication of leaving his ex (now girlfriend) with whom he restarted a relationship with just 5 days after breaking the news to me.

My Questions is: I have deep feelings for this guy which aren't going away, but he really hurt and embarrassed me. He says he loves his ex but I am still caught up in the idea that he is meant to be in my life. Considering my special circumstances and how hard it is for me to trust someone with that secret enough to start a relationship, should I just let him go for good? Or should I continue to wait for him to come around?


Knight of Cups
Stay open to new emotional experiences and opportunities.

Knight of Swords
Be strong and decisive, it is time to follow your head more than your heart.

You have been treated unfairly but you’ll receive what you truly deserve.

Queen of Swords
Use your rationality and strong will to make the right decision.

King of Swords
Your analytical mind and fair judgement will serve you well.

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