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Tarot Reading for Alone Lucy Looking for Happiness

I’m a teacher, I’m a mother, I have 2 teenage lovely boys.

My marriage started to fail in 2000. My husband was very insecure and begun to be very jealous, finally he ended up stalking me. So, in 2008, we began to sleep in different rooms, but in the same house.

The kids were so young, and I was so frightened, I still am... I started planning to leave the house but my parents in law were very ill, I felt I couldn’t leave him alone in a situation like that. They both died and in October 2012, I finally decided that I couldn’t continue living a lie and I moved to a little apartment. All I wanted was being happy and fearless.

My divorce was in the beginning of 2013.
Then I met a man, and I started to love him, deeply, deeply. He is very complicated, I gave him so much, I loved him unconditionally, but he walked away. This lasted a very intense few months.

Ever since, I’ve been in great anguish. I feel empty and scared, so scared. I try to stay grounded, but I don’t know if I will be able to continue to do that.
All I wanted was to forget, clean my memories.

My question is: Will I be happy and find a man who loves me and that will stand by me?


Ace of Cups
There will be a new beginning in your emotional life. Love is on the way.

Nine of Pentacles
Your sense of self worth and your capacity to be your own person is helping you overcome your difficulties.

Wheel of Fortune
Sudden changes will bring new challenges but also new opportunities.

Have faith in yourself, tap into your resources of patience, strength and compassion to solve your problems.

Five of Wands
You may have to face rivalry and challenges but you have the energy and strength to overcome them.

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Jun 05, 2014
Ace of Cups

It sure is! It represents a new beginning for your emotional life.

Jun 03, 2014
ace of cups
by: Anonymous

Well, in a love reading this card will sure is positive, right?

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