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Tarot Reading for Abandoned

I met a guy on an online matrimonial (we work in different countries though I stay in his native country where he returns to visit, though even then we are in different cities) and after 2-3 dates over a weekend he was in a big rush for us to get married, which I found too overwhelming. I asked him for time.

Meanwhile 2-3 months passed..though attracted to each other we did not overstep any boundaries talking over the phone on weekends briefly and such.I changed jobs and cities and he was wonderfully encouraging and supportive.

One day due to a bad telecommunication network and other shortfalls I was not able to return his calls. When we finally spoke that evening he teased me about honeymooning at my new home city, which I don't really like every much and i responded annoyed and ridiculed the idea, joking in a silly way that if he liked this city so much he would have to be on a honeymoon here by himself. I did not mean any harm, but I'd also rebuffed his idea for us to spend a weekend at my place, since even if we did not intend to indulge in anything, it would be unpredictable and I wanted to save this type of special interaction, till after we were married.

Somehow I think that upset him very much and he lied that he did not know when he'd visit next, then did not respond when I tried to get in touch later .

After two weeks he responded to a chat and I was stunned to find that he visited already and went back without a word. Shocked, I responded emotionally indicating that I would move on, assuming he had found another, but he vaguely indicated he had not and asked me not to judge him.

Then I asked him to stay in touch, which he did not do and appeared completely disinterested. Trying to chat with him another time after a couple of weeks left me in tears with vague words.

After getting in touch for his birthday, with a small gift, he called me back once, but I was cautious not to poke around his life. Then in another online chat he messaged me back that he was not with anyone.

I asked him if he wanted things to remain cold between us. Again he was vague but said " I cannot change or bend for anyone"..so I guess that was clearly against me.

Still I pushed my luck, and said I'd call him and if he didn't pick up I'd know he wasn't interested.

He said not to call, 'coz he'd be leaving on another native visit (again not meeting me) involving a major family event and some legal issues but it was vague when he would be available to talk again.

I said I 'd call him anyway and he should respond how he wishes ( He said "your call"). He did not pick up my call in the end.

He probably already landed here today, but no word from him. I feel distressed with my emotional attachment and affection for him.

He is so cold and rude, yet made time to call me back that one time and speak a bit, asked me what was bothering me etc.

Should I move on or keep trying to make this work ? I feel guilty that I made him this way, by not responding the way he wanted me to.


The Sun
This relationship was a ray of sunshine in your life, it made you feel alive and vital.

Four of Cups
You are experiencing now a sense of confusion, anticlimax and boredom that blinds you to the good things around you.

The Chariot
This tarot card suggests you to keep centered, take control of the contrasting forces that rule your life. You have the strength to move forward with determination.

Nine of Cups
Your wishes will be fulfilled. If possible take a vacation to see things from a different point of view and then carry on with your life with optimism and renewed hope.

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Dec 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the Reading! I did not check back for so long. Yes this relationship was a ray of light and warmth in my life but it is so painful now, we spoke last time when I wrote my entry here. He said he'd meet me this time instead and he was briefly pleasant but now he is back home again and still making excuses not to meet...I wish he would tell me bluntly I am not wanted but he dodges and won't say that either, though he says it's my fault etc. maybe he is just making me suffer on purpose.
I offered to visit over the weekend and it will be a looong bus ride fr me but even then he is not willing to just meet briefly and has stationed himself in a remote area where I can't reach, says he'll be back in Feb (most people around me, do not wish I demean myself further)..
I feel soo down. I wish the Nine of Cups would reveal itself soon.
Anyway, thanks very much!

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