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Tarot Reading: Change of Life

At the age of 52 I left my husband of 30 years.

This was a very difficult marriage, one that I was very unhappy with from the very beginning. He had personality disorder, anger issues and alcoholism. He was controlling and jealous, and the last 15 years of our marriage he worked off and on, mostly off. We had 2 children together, a girl and a boy. They suffered from his disorder, and still do at the age of 29 and 21. They do not talk to him any longer.

Leaving was very difficult, because I knew it would put me in a very bad financial circumstance. But since we were already in that position, and I wanted out so badly for so long, the opportunity came suddenly knocking at my door and I took it.

My cousin usually came every Saturday to join us for supper. She was single, still is. She knew I was very unhappy, and despised the way he always put me down. On a Saturday night, as usual he was drunk and started with the insult, she looked at me and said “Are you ready”, I knew what she met, are you ready to walk away. I said yes, she grabbed my coat hers and said let’s go and we walked out.

That evening was a nightmare. My daughter was with her boyfriend; before I left I looked at him and told him to get her out NOW. Once she was out, then we left. My son was living on his own, so I called him and told him what happen and that I was at my cousin’s place. They were unhappy with their father, and always knew or hoped that someday I would leave.

I stayed with my cousin for about 3 months while I found a place to live. I moved in a beautiful town house with both my kids and their partners. At first everything went well, but after a while my son moved out with his girlfriend (now his wife… who I adore). It became very expensive to manage the rent on my own, with only one boarder (my daughter’s boyfriend). I took on other tenants, but it did not work very well.

2 years living in this expensive townhouse took a really bad turn on my finance and I am still struggling. However, during these 2 years many good things happen to me. Many changes, adventures and I got married to a very adventurist man.
I am still struggling with my finances….

I do have some insecurity, in my marriage, probably steams from a very bad 30 year marriage.
My husband is retired, and takes good care of me. He can be at times somewhat controlling, but he is also very paternal, which I love about him. I do believe he is happy with me, and I am with him.

I guess my question would be: How is my future with him, financially and romantically.

My daughter is on her own with her boyfriend, she is not working and he work seasonally doing landscaping, she worries me. They seem to be good together. Will their finance improve and will they ever marry. Will she finish her education (university or college) She did 2 years, but did not return last September and is not again this year.

My son never finished his high school, and worked at a low paying job. His wife has been his constant, she has encouraged him to get his driving license and is working on getting him his high school equivalency. He is now working in a trade with one of her friends. He is finding it difficult, but it is a learning curve. He has really bad self-esteem.

Will he be ok, will he stay in his new job and do well.
It has been a very difficult road for all of us. My children and I have all been a victim of my passed marriage. We are all moving ahead. My hope is that we will be successful. I love my children and they have been my reason for existence, but they are on their own now and I am starting a new life with a new man that I love.

Will my cousin ever find someone? She is VERY picky and VERY independent…. She is my very best friend as well. I hope the best for her to.


Lots of questions! Let’s see what the cards have to say about your complex situation.

Ten of Pentacles
You and your family are now enjoying a stable environment and establishing the foundation for a serene life together.

Nine of Pentacles
Your nightmares are over. You might still be suffering for the consequences of a stressing situation but the worst is behind you.

Ace of Pentacles
There might be a delay in your financial recovery and the desired results may be slow to materialize.

Knight of Wands
An important change is about to happen in your life. You left behind an oppressive situation and your courage will help you in a new enterprise.

Five of Wands
There is still some struggle ahead of you but you have enough energies to overcome all the obstacles that may be in the way.

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Jul 19, 2014
Good News
by: Anonymous

It seems that your tarots are indicating a still somewhat complex but serene future.

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