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Tarot Meaning of the Ten

Tarot meaning of the ten of swords, pentacles, cups and wands with pictures and reversed card meaning.

Tarot Meaning of The Tens


Transformation. Completion. Rebirth. Group of people.

Meaning of Tarot Cards: the Tens

The Tens represent the definition of a situation before a new cycle can begin.

They also stand for transformation and in many ways the Tens recall the Aces because both numbers are filled with the energy of a new beginning.

The Tens correspond to the Wheel of Fortune of the Major Arcana and tens can herald a change of fortune.

They can also represent a group of people, a family or a community that has an important part in the querant's life.

Tarot Meaning of the Ten of Swords


Separation. Defeat. Distress. Negative Thinking.

Tarot Card Definitions

Once you reach the bottom the only possible way is up.

A relationship or a stressing situation has come to an end and you are mourning a loss.

The end is painful and there is nothing more you can do but keep in mind that dawn always follows a long and dark night.

Be careful of betrayal, also documents and written words can be a source of problems. Think carefully before signing any binding agreement.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Improvement. Surviving a disaster.

You are leaving behind a difficult period but the worst is past. Do not focus on distressing thoughts but consider what you learned from your experiences and look at the future with confidence.

Tarot Meaning of the Ten of Wands


Ambition. Overwork. Responsabilites. Obsessive behavior. Stress.

Tarot Card Definitions

Ambition and success are so important that you work overtime to achieve your goals.

Achievement is probable and what you are after is not the money but the realization of a dream.

Your burden is heavy to carry but you have enough energy for your desire to succeed. An obsessive focus on career is all-consuming and interferes with other aspects of your life. Learning to delegate can help you lift this heavy burden from your tired shoulders. 

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Relief. Delegating. Lifting the burden.

This card heralds the end of a period of heavy work. You are able to share your burden and learn to delegate responsibilities.

In reversed position this card can indicate that you'll receive little return for your work.

You may suffer health problems related to stress and overwork.

Ten of Pentacles


Family finances, family business. Tradition. Financial security.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card suggests family matters connected with finances. It is a positive card, symbolizing financial security, material comforts and maybe an inheritance or a successful family business.

There is a sense of security and stability, maybe your relatives or friends are providing some kind of practical help.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Family expectation may be set too high and may result difficult to live up to. The family is pressuring you into an unsuitable marriage or career.

There can be problems with a legacy and disputes may arise around an inheritance.

Ten of Cups


Joy. Contentment. Happiness

Tarot Card Definitions

This card heralds a moment of happiness and contentment especially in matters of love and relationships. It promises lasting joy, spiritual growth and harmonious relationships.

You may attend soon a happy family reunion, a joyous marriage ceremony or a friend gathering. The Ten of Cups promises joy and success.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Discontent. Sadness.

This card reversed brings a sense of loss and sadness. You may have to face a clash of interests and family quarrels or you may have to move from a loved house, country or group of friends.

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