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Tarot Meaning of the Six

Tarot meaning of the six of swords, pentacles, wands and cups with reversed card interpretation.

The Sixes Interpretation


Harmony, balance. Peace. Appreciation.

Tarot Meaning of the Sixes

After the turmoil of the Fives, the Sixes herald harmony and contentment.

These cards are associated with The Lovers tarot card of the Major Arcana.

Like The Lovers, the sixes have an auspicious meaning suggesting love, beauty and harmony but, as The Lovers implies a choice, the Sixes suggest sacrifice and struggle to reach a balance.

Six of Wands


Victory. Success. Triumph.

Tarot Card Interpretation

This card promises success after work and struggle.

The Six of wands often refers to work and career matters, suggesting a brilliant outcome of negotiations and transactions that require intuition and tact for a favorable conclusion.

This card suggests the need to consider other people’s feelings and needs.

You’ll have to use all your tact and understanding to reach a situation of peace and harmony.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Delayed success. Postponement.

Difficulties caused by other people arise and delay the success of a project.

There are likely to be arguments and disagreements at work and progress is deferred.

Six of Pentacles


Gifts. Generosity. Gratitude. Financial assistance.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The Six of Pentacles suggests a gift, a loan or a chance to participate in a successful business.

You are about to receive help if you are struggling with your career.

A prominent person or organization in your field is facilitating your progress.

If you are in a position to help, you’ll be able to share your wealth or provide assistance.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Financial loss. Miserliness. Selfishness. Theft.

This card suggests a loss of money due to carelessness, extravagance of lack of prudence.

You are warned about an actual theft or about lack of charity and generosity from your part.

A money loss may be caused by selfish actions. Beware of tricky financial schemes.

Tarot meaning of the Six of Swords


Travel. Leaving troubles behind.

Tarot Card Definitions

This is the most peaceful card of the tormented Sword suit.

Finally you are able to leave a stressful period behind. Peace is restored and a travel will help relieve the tension of a worrisome situation.

Relationships are improving and finances stop causing anxiety.

A physical or mental journey is suggested by this card. On your return you’ll feel refreshed and harmony will be restored.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Feeling stuck. Lack of progress.

There are temporary difficulties that are causing a delay and a momentary lack of progress.

You feel stuck and are unable to leave your problems behind but do not give up hope, this is a temporary pause.

Perseverance is what is needed to endure this time of struggle.

Tarot Meaning of the Six of Cups


Nostalgia. Happy memories.

Tarot Card Interpretation

This card suggests a return to your emotionally significant past.

You may renew an old friendship, a past lover may come back into your life, former colleagues are getting in touch with you.

A family reunion may revive happy childhood memories.

You may find yourself in a position to use talents you had in the past and you almost forgot about or your didn't properly valued.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Clinging to the past.

A fresh start is in order. Your past, family ties or memories are holding you down.

You are clinging to idealized memories and nostalgia for a past that never existed is clouding your judgment.

You need to concentrate on the present.

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