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Tarot Meaning of the Seven

Tarot meaning of the seven of wands, cups, swords and pentacles with reversed card interpretation.

The Sevens


Choice. Fate. Spiritual development. Turning point.

Tarot Meaning of the Sevens

Seven is considered a magical number: seven days to create the world, the seven wonders, seven kings and seven hills of Rome, the powers of the seventh child of a seventh child.

Seven can suggest untapped and unrecognized talents and is often linked to progress and spiritual development.

This card is linked with the Chariot in the Major Arcana. It represents victory and rewards but the glory of the chariot has, like the number seven, a feeling of instability.

The chariot warns us that our glory is only temporary and we shouldn’t indulge in excessive pride.

Tarot Meaning of the Seven of Wands


Holding your ground. Taking a stand. Courage and strength in adversity. Self confidence in a struggle.

Free Tarot Card Meanings

You are faced with a challenge.

In this long struggle, firmness and tenacity will help you overcome the difficulties.

This card heralds victory when someone is about to give up hope.

You need to call all your reserves of courage to prevail. Do not give up the struggle, you just need the last effort to victory.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Fear, hesitation, uncertainty.

You may be losing some good opportunities for fear of failure.

Some abilities are going wasted because you are afraid to take a risk.

You’ll regret the missed opportunities if you refuse confrontation and are afraid of challenge.

Seven of Pentacles


Perseverance. Slow growth. Patience and persistence.

Free Tarot Card Meanings

Your work seems to be pointless and you are beginning to doubt the value of your efforts.

Your patient commitment is giving slow but steady progress and your disappointment is only momentary.

This card may relate to unpaid work, a commitment or a hobby that is consuming all your energies.

Although you do not see an immediate reward for your efforts, your work will be productive and satisfying in the long run.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Disappointment. Anxiety. Despair.

You may be tempted to abandon a project and you are dealing with an increasing sense of failure and disappointment.

All your hard work seems to be a waste of time and energy.

Do not give up in haste for a moment of discouragement.

Tarot Meaning of the Seven of Swords


Trickery. Stealth. Insincerity. Theft. Rip-off.

Free Tarot Cards Meanings

You will have to use your best diplomatic abilities to face a difficult situation.

You may be feel cheated by someone who is trying to damage your reputation or manipulate you.

Another meaning of this card can be theft.

The damage is likely to refer to words, ideas or communication more than material goods.

Be careful about what you say or write, it can be used against you.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Words are used in a superficial, misleading way. You are at risk of being manipulated or framed.

This card reversed may warn you against verbal traps or someone who is using empty words and promises.

You may feel pessimistic, filled of negative thinking and unable to decide.

Seven of Cups


Confusion. Lack of focus. Illusions. Too many choices. Daydreaming.

Free Tarot Card Meanings

Not all that shines is gold.

This card suggests many different possibilities, they are all appealing but when you try to catch them, they seem to become illusory and slip from your hands.

The safest course of action is to sit back and wait for the situation to become clearer.

Your thinking may be too clouded to make the best choice, after the dust has settled you’ll be able to focus on a single goal and achieve it.

On positive note, your creativity is blossoming and ideas flow freely.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Deception. Illusions.

You may have been living in a fantasy and lost the sense of reality.

If you experienced an initial success, do not get carried away by daydreaming but keep working to build on your good start.

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