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Tarot Meaning of the Fives

Detailed tarot meaning of the fives with reversed cards interpretation.

The Fives


Change. Disruption. Instability. Challenge.

Tarot Meaning of the Fives

After the stability and squareness of four, the Fives bring changes and challenges.

Everyone of the Fives represent a different kind of struggle. We may find difficult to accept them but we will realize in the end that all these battles were inevitable and they will bring favorable changes and personal growth.

A prevalence of Fives in a reading suggests excitement, instability, dramatic changes, challenges and adventures.

The Five corresponds in the Major Arcana with the Pope or Hierophant. This card, when reversed, symbolizes the need to break free from restrictions and conventions.

Tarot Meaning of the Fives by Suit

Five of Wands


War games. Rivalry. Conflict. Sparring.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card heralds a testing time.

You may expect opposition and some kind of exciting challenge before you succeed.

The atmosphere is charged with excitement and arguments start easily. From this healthy competition new, productive ideas may arise.

You may have to deal with rivalry. If your question is about relationships and romance, you might have to fight to gain your lover’s devotion.

There is plenty of electricity around and things may become difficult to handle serenely.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Litigation and disputes.

At its best this card is telling us that the battle is over.

If it is surrounded by negative cards, you may be facing a conflict and be unable to resolve it.

Five of Pentacles


Poverty. Disappointment. Troubles and deprivation.

Tarot Meaning of the Five of Pentacles

The Five of pentacles suggests poverty: a period of financial hardship or a moment discouragement, loss of faith and poverty of spirit.

Probably low self-esteem is at the core of the problem.

The solution won’t be easy but it is possible if you put your mind and resources to it.

Restoring your confidence is the first step to overcome your practical or psychological difficulties.

It is time to limit unnecessary expenses and put your talents to good use.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Renewed Faith.

Thanks to hard work, a difficult situation is about to end. Problems are beginning to clear.

Your confidence is increasing and you may receive a helping hand unexpectedly.

Five of Swords


False pride. Humiliation. Limitation.

Tarot Card Definitions

With the Five of Swords comes a negative feeling.

You or someone around you is behaving in a destructive way that is limiting your ability to act effectively.

A defeat might have been caused by devious behavior like gossip or lies of someone who doesn’t deserve your trust.

Your pride has been wounded.

Unless you confront your problems and admit your limits, there is no hope to proceed in your path.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Dishonesty. Manipulation.

Someone has beaten you with manipulation and underhand tactics.

You are feeling humiliated or victimized by someone who is acting maliciously against you.

Try to let go of the negative feelings this situation is creating. Lingering on these emotions won’t help you in any way, better accept the defeat and carry on with your life.

Five of Cups


Disappointment. Regret. Grieving.

Tarot Card Definitions

Your hopes have been crushed. Nevertheless, if you concentrate on the glass that is half full, there is something to be saved from this situation.

You have suffered a loss but soon you’ll discover that something valuable is left intact in you hands.

Somehow you are disappointed or you are involved in a painful relationship. It is time to reconsider your priorities and sever unhealthy emotional ties.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Hope. Recovery.

The pain of difficult moment is coming to an end.

You are recovering your confidence and the unhappy feelings are dissipating.

You are able to feel the love and affection a friend or a lover is bringing into your life.

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