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7 Free Tarot Layouts for Love and Relationships

Download free tarot layouts for an accurate love and relationship analysis. Choose the appropriate layout, place the tarot cards and read, it doesn't get any easier!

Disconnect the phone, turn down the light, relax and light a candle.

Shuffle your cards until it feels right, cut the deck and lay down the cards on the spreads. No need to remember how to place the cards down, these layouts will guide you gently through your reading.

You can use some of these tarot reading spreads with your partner for a better understanding of your relationship or you can read your tarots alone if you are single or you want to enjoy a moment of quiet meditation.

These tarot spreads are designed specifically to get an insight into your love life.

Download the free PDF at the bottom of the page and find an answer for all your love questions.

Love Finder

Sometimes we feel lonely and it seems love is just an unattainable dream. Look inside, ask yourself if you are ready for a relationship and it might turn out that love is nearer than what you think.

Soulmate Finder

Try this tarot card layout if you are in search of your soulmate and your question to the tarot cards is something like: "How will I meet my soulmate?".

Relationship Snapshot

You can use this tarot reading spread alone or with your partner to have a picture of your relationship, understand its strength, weaknesses, guide you in times of emotional turmoil and help you find a way to make things better.

Bleeding Heart

Love can hurt. Find out with this layout how you cause pain to each other, how to better your communication and, given the present situation, where you are going from here.

Which Way?

This tarot layout will help you analyze your relationship, determine which way it is going and decide where you would like it to go.

Tarot Layout for New Love

This tarot card layout will come handy if you are asking questions like: "Is this person my soulmate?" or "What are his or her feelings about me?", "Where is our relationship going?".


Do you think there are too many skeletons in the closet in your relationship? Find out what is going on behind the scenes with this especially designed tarot spread.

Download Your Tarot Spreads Now!

Do you want to make your reading fluid and effortless?

Download the free 7 Best Love Tarot Spreads!

Print them, choose the the appropriate layout between: Secrets, Soulmate Finder, Bleeding Heart, Relationship Snapshot, Which Way?, New Love and Love Finder, place the tarots and read.

These elegant charts will let you concentrate on the cards and enhance your tarot reading.

Inspiring and easy to use. Just what you need for a motivational reading!

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