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Tarot Four of Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles

Tarot four of cups, swords, wands and pentacles meanings and reversed cards interpretation.

The Fours


Foundation, structure and stability. Organization. Work. Reason. Control. Restriction. Stagnation.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Fours

The number four is associated with the Emperor in the Major Arcana.

The Four represents stability, solid structure, work and order but on another hand it can also signify restrictions and limitations.

Any vision or dream needs the boundaries of self-discipline and structure to turn into reality. The restrictions imposed to us by the material world give limit and shape to our dreams.

Tarot Four of Cups


Discontent. Boredom. Resentment. Social isolation.

Tarot Four of Cups Meanings

This card symbolizes the more oppressive aspect of the Four.

There is a feeling of stagnation and discontent. A pervasive sensation of dissatisfaction dominates your emotional and social life. When this card appears you might be struggling with a form of depression or unnecessary withdrawal from social life. To get out of this state of mind you’ll need new interests and activities.

You possibly need new friends or a travel to help you overcome the sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction that is poisoning your daily life.

Reversed Tarot Four of Cups

To forget your depression and your inner vacuum you have a frantic social life or innumerable romantic adventures that at the end leave you feeling worse than before.

Look for a challenge or new work opportunities to start using your creative abilities and have something exciting to look forward to.

Four of Swords


Rest. Recovery. Repose. Convalescence.

Tarot Card Definitions

When this card appears in a spread, rest and recuperation are in order.

You probably need some quiet time to think and regroup. Some meditation and distance from the grinding of daily routine will put things in perspective.

A vacation or a trip after a period of struggle and mental stress will soothe your mind and renew your body.

Sometimes the Four of Swords can also indicate a period of convalescence after an illness.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

The pause of rest is over, you need to resume your activities.

You are recuperated, willing and able to cope with your obligations.

Four of Wands


Harvest. Achievement. Prosperity. Putting down roots.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card symbolizes a time of rest and stability after a period of hard work.

It is time to harvest and enjoy a well deserved prosperity.

The Four of Wands can suggest moving into a new home and putting down roots.

Plans for this dream home are made and of all these projects and renovations will bring a new sense of stability and inner security.

A creative project is going well and you enjoy a sense harmony and achievement.

This card can also signify a rite of passage or a ceremony. You are building the foundations for a new stage of development.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Your success may suffer a delay but it still imminent.

This is still a positive card but you may have to be patient to achieve success.

Four of Pentacles


Possessions. Enrichment. Financial security. Sound investments. Holding tight. Buying a property.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card heralds material comforts and financial security. More than opulence and wealth the Four of Pentacles symbolizes a constant income that provides to the basic needs.

If the question was about work, you can expect a gradual improvement in your position.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

This card warns you against greed and avarice. If it refers to a personality aspect, it can indicate envy and resentment.

The material interests and worries may be blocking your emotional well-being.

This card reversed may also symbolize financial insecurity.

Someone is in danger of being completely dominated by the greed for material possessions.

Minor Arcana meanings

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