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Tarot Cards Reading for Xraygurl

I can't seem to get my life moving forward again after years of plunging into a downward spiral. I have no love life.

I have no job and no matter how many resumes I send out I get no response.

I fear my past is going to keep anyone from respecting me or taking me seriously. I can't even figure out what I even want to do with my life and I'm almost 50yrs old.

I want to be a mother my daughter wants to emulate not feel sorry for.I wish other people believed in me like I believe in myself but I don't have the appearance of confidence anymore from all the wear and tear on my soul. I want to move.

I don't feel as though I can ever be happy if I remain here. I want to know what my hidden talent is? One that gives me life purpose.

I know that I enjoy fine arts but my last job over 3yrs ago was in the medical field.

What do I need to do to get my life back together?


The Star
Don’t give up hope! This is a very favorable card that heralds renewal and relief. Rely on your inner wisdom and intuition. Search within to find your special talent.

You are stronger than what you think. Have faith in yourself. Did you ever consider working with animals?

Knight of Pentacles
You may be about to discover a new source of prosperity. A friend may came to your aid.

Ten of Pentacles
This tarot suggests financial security, comfort and prosperity. Your diligent work will bear the expected fruits.

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