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Tarot Cards Meaning:
How to Speed Up Your Learning

To pick up tarot cards meaning easily visualize the Major Arcana as the steps of the Fool’s spiritual journey.

The Major Arcana cards tell us the story of the archetypal journey of the Fool and they can be read and memorized as stages of self-realization that deal with major life experiences. 

Through his travel, the Fool meets in the cards all the symbols of our collective unconscious that appear to us also in myths, dreams and art. 

These quintessential symbols sum up the events of the human experience through life.

The fool matures with each cycle and gains an understanding that prepares him for the next cycle.

Try this experiment to learn the tarot cards meaning: spread out the cards and organize them by number, in 3 groups of seven plus the Fool, number zero, on a side.

In the first group it is easy to recognize the figures that characterize the first basic development within the family and a small social circle. 

In the second set of cards, the Fool confronts and comes to terms with rules of society and culture.

Finally the third group of tarots deals with spiritual development.

If you found difficult to memorize the meaning of the Major Arcana taken one by one, I’m sure you’ll find a lot easier to learn their meaning visualizing the story of the Fool’s travel.

Learn Tarot Cards Meaning with the Fool's Tale

The Fool

He is the main character of this story, he is naive, carefree, innocent and pure, the fearless archetypal child. He stands on a cliff unaware of danger, protected only by his innocence.

Tarot Cards Meaning of the First Row 

The Family

The Magician

The Fool learns his wordily skills. He is all outgoing energy, manipulating the world with his newly acquired abilities. 

High Priestess

The Fool meets now a different kind of knowledge. The High priestess is the virgin daughter. She is ingoing energy, introspection and intuition. She complements the Magician.


Is the archetypal mother: nurturing, creative, emotional. 


This figure is the archetypal father, representing authority, rational mind, logic and rules.

The Pope

The Pope represents the encounter of the Fool with formal education, cultural traditions and values. He is the giver of ancient knowledge.


The Fool in his youth gets to know sexuality, friendship, romantic relationships and choices between passion and reality.

The Chariot

The Fool has learned about opposite forces and now he learns how to govern them. He learns to channel energies and his self-confidence grows.

Tarot Cards Meaning of the Second Row 

The Society


The Fool needs to find inner strength for impulse control.


This card represents the inner quest for answers, introspection, the need to find ourselves and inner peace.

The Wheel of Fortune

Life can be unpredictable and our hero needs to accept fate beyond our control.


We reap what we sow. The Fool learns to accept responsibility for his actions.

Hanging Man

The Fool learns to let go and see things differently. He also accepts sacrifice and serenity. He is getting ready for the next card.


Facing a major and painful change. It is now necessary to leave a burden behind. It is time for transformation and renewal.

The Temperance

Having known death, the Fool emerges from this experience with inner balance. He learns tolerance and moderation.

Tarot Cards Meaning of the Last Row

Spiritual Progress


Time to confront the personal demons that lurk in our dark side. The Devil may control us or we can use his energy to find and break the chains that bind us. 

The Tower

This tarot brings a drastic change, it makes us face the bare truth. The universe strikes us with a bolt that shakes all we know and frees us from the dark and the devil’s bonds.

The Star

But there is still hope after catastrophic events and the Fool finds the faith to carry on in his journey.

The Moon

Thing are not what they seem. The Fool is questioning reality and illusions. Through inspiring dreams, he learns to deal with illusions.

The Sun

Our hero sees the light. He is sure and confident in the sun’s invigorating clarity. He starts a brave march to success.


The Fool is now strong enough to face the call to rebirth and renewal. He goes though an inventory of his adventures and gets ready for next level.

The World

This card heralds the end of a cycle. The Fool has achieved  awareness and thanks to lesson learned he is getting ready for the next journey.


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